What are the scanning methods frequently used by LED production and maintenance manufacturers?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

In the LED electronic display, the ratio of the number of lines lit at the same time to the number of lines in the entire area is called the scanning mode. The scanning is also divided into 1/2 scan, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, 1/16 scan and other driving methods. That is to say, the driving mode of the display screen is different, so the setting of the receiving card is also different.

If the receiving card was originally used on a 1/4 scanning screen, but now it is used on a static screen, the display on the LED display will be on every 4 lines. Generally, the receiving card can be set. After connecting the sending card, display screen, computer and other major devices, you can enter the relevant software on the computer to set it up. So, do you still know the content of other scanning methods of LED display?

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The scanning method of LED display screen has static and dynamic:

1. Dynamic scanning: Dynamic scanning implements "point-to-column" control from the output of the driver IC to the pixel points. Dynamic scanning requires a control circuit, and the cost is lower than static scanning, but the display effect is poor and the brightness loss is greater .

2. Static scanning: Static scanning implements "point-to-point" control from the output of the driver IC to the pixels. Static scanning does not require a control circuit, and the cost is higher than dynamic scanning, but the display effect is good, the stability is good, and the brightness loss The advantages of smaller and so on.

Classification according to the scanning method of the LED display type:

1. Scanning method of indoor LED display: P4 and P5 are constant current 1/16, P6 and P7.62 are constant current 1/8.

2. Scanning method of outdoor LED display: P10, P12 are constant current 1/2, 1/4, P16, P20, P25 are static.

3. The scanning methods of single and double color LED display are mainly constant current 1/4, constant current 1/8 scan, and constant current 1/16 scan.

Advantages/disadvantages of static driving of LED electronic display:

1. The advantage is that the connection between the LED display components is very simple, all LEDs can be connected in series with only 5-6 wires, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance; the display brightness is good, and the appropriate driving components can drive LEDs under 2 meters, which is suitable Make outdoor large-scale digital screens.

2. The disadvantage is that each LED needs 1-2 drive ICs, and the display component PCB board needs to be made; the power consumption is slightly larger (5 times that of the scanning drive) and the cost is relatively high.

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