How does the LED display supplier set up the LED display?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

Many customers are not familiar with LED display screens for the first time, and find it difficult and blind, especially when purchased from some small manufacturers. Neither the after-sales service nor the regularity of the LED display control software can be well guaranteed. There is no one to help solve problems after encountering problems. Here I will teach you a more general LED display setting plan. The reason why it is said to be universal is because there are many setting methods. Different control systems and different LED display settings are different. 

The quality of LED display settings is critical to future use

So, how does the Shenzhen JYLED display, a member of the LED supplier, set up the LED display?

Here are some of the company's ways to set up LED display:

1. The built-in display parameters of each LED display screen may be different, such as brightness, scanning mode, refresh frequency and so on. If the technical parameters are different, the corresponding configuration file generated by the engineer according to these parameters in the computer will not be the same. same.

2. At present, there are many kinds of LED display control software on the market, including some copycats and many without computer software copyright. If you are using these control software, then there is no way to get an effective setting method. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately understand whether the LED display company is a regular manufacturer when purchasing an LED display, so as not to suffer a loss.

3. At present, there are more than ten kinds of regular LED display control software with computer software copyright. These are safe and reliable, and there are double after-sales maintenance. If you purchase through a regular factory channel, the LED supplier will do it for you Solve the setup problem.

4. The setting method of each LED display control software is different. Different control systems have different setting methods. The setting methods between different control systems are not universal. You may follow others' tutorials. There will be errors, so you must have a professional setup staff to serve you before setting.

The setting of LED display settings requires professional personnel to provide services

Through the above method of setting the LED display, I think you have a certain understanding of the setting of the LED display. In short, when buying an LED display, make sure that the company is a regular company and what kind of service they will provide. The shrewd approach will not let you lose.

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