What accessories do LED supply chain manufacturers need?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

The accessories of LED display screens are some parts of the production of LED series products, and the installation and coordination of LED products are very related to the installation and coordination of LED products. Some accessories will affect the quality of the entire LED display, such as the number of receiving cards, will affect the refresh rate of the LED display.

Do you still know which LED display accessories?

The accessories of the LED display constitute the powerful function of the LED display

LED display accessories mainly include metal shell encapsulated LED light source modules, LED light-emitting diodes, LED display modules, LED backlights, LED light source modules, LED decorative lighting products, time display screens, integrated infrared receivers, LED traffic lights , Piranha LED, etc., these many accessories are very important to the LED display, and are the key to the successful operation of the LED display.

The LED display accessories have the following styles:

LED switching power supplies include: 220V/5V universal type; 12V/5V vehicle-mounted type; 30A; 40A, etc.;

LED copper pillars are: 12X11; 13X15; 14X12; 14X14; 14X17, etc.;

LED magnetic columns are: 10*18; base 10MM, full height 18MM, 12*11, 12*15, 14*13, etc.;

LED cable accessories include: 16P cable; 50P cable; 16P cable kit; 50P cable kit, etc.;

LED power cord accessories: 1.5mm*2 red and black power cords, etc.;

LED screen other accessories: COM oral; 232 serial port to 485; driver-free USB to 232; serial port; 220V timing switch, cable clamp, etc.;

LEDIC chip accessories: 74HC595; 74HC245; 74HC138; 74HC4953; 74HC04; 5026...

LED installation tools include: LED display test stand; multimeter; electric soldering iron ......

LED unit board module: a full range of indoor LED unit boards; sub-outdoor unit boards; outdoor units; boards

LED frame materials include: 3.5mm*9mm aluminum profile, etc.;

When installing LED displays, you need to know their location accurately

These accessories work together in the LED display, each of which has an irreplaceable effect on the LED display. If the LED display can work smoothly, these are indispensable.

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