Is there any LED manufacturer in Japan whose conference room LED display is cheaper?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development of science and technology, the conference room should not only have the function of conducting conferences, but should have certain advantages in image and sound quality to be able to meet all kinds of different conferences, such as speech conferences and academic exchange conferences. And other different needs.

Due to the rapid development of enterprises nowadays, more and more conference rooms have been built, and the demand for LED displays in conference rooms has also increased rapidly.

LED display has gradually become an irreplaceable existence in the conference room

The conference room can consider choosing this kind of LED display:

1. Gold wire copper bracket lamp with high-definition high-end PWM driver IC, refresh rate ≥3840Hz,

2. There is no water ripple and no flicker when taking pictures, which reduces the accumulation of visual fatigue caused by long-term viewing during the meeting;

3. The grayscale can be adjusted up to 14-16bit, the color scale of the picture is smoother, and the detail display effect is delicate and vivid.

Nowadays, the technology of making LED display screens continues to advance, and LED display screens gradually replace traditional projectors. Traditional conference room display equipment mostly uses projection, because there are many technical limitations, such as poor projection clarity, installation size restrictions, etc., it can no longer meet many current meeting needs.

Disadvantages of traditional projection equipment:

1. Projection is now an outdated technology, its installation and maintenance costs are relatively high, and the service life does not match the cost.

2. The size of projection equipment is generally fixed, and it is difficult to fit the size of a large conference room.

3. When the projection is in use, it is greatly affected by the light, and the curtains must be closed before they can be used.

The LED display in the conference room is an important tool to show what is being talked about.

With the development of LED display screens, more and more LED manufacturers have been born and entered the LED display market. The pressure of competition has gradually increased. LED manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to survive in this market. Change and innovation are the most critical ones. One measure.

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