Where do LED suppliers usually sell LED displays?

Jul 22,2021| LED Knowledge

With the advancement of technology, this technology is applied to projectors. There are already many good LED projector manufacturers in the market. For example, Deep Resources has perfectly combined this technology with DLP technology to make it portable and compact, and because of its low power consumption and heat generation, it is more widely used in life and In personal business. Many places are also following the fashion, buying LED display screens as one of their publicity methods. So, do you know where LED displays will be used?

The transportation field uses LED display as a tool to notify passengers of flight attendance information

1. Office and conference room display

Because indoor LED displays have the characteristics of ultra-high definition, non-glare, and ultra-wide viewing angles, many units, institutions, enterprises and schools choose to use LED electronic displays instead of projectors, effectively avoiding the disadvantages of poor screen display during formal meetings. Common models of this type of indoor LED display include P4 full-color LED display, P3 full-color LED display, P1.667 full-color LED display, and so on.

2. Securities trading and financial information display

The stock exchange needs to display a clear LED electronic display to display real-time stock exchange information. In the past few years, this consumer group accounted for more than 50%. Due to the nature of the industry, LED irregular displays and large-size LED displays are mostly used.

3. Stadium information display

As the main means of game information display and live broadcast, LED display screen has replaced traditional lighting and CRT display screen and has become an indispensable competition facility in modern stadiums. The national color TV has reached a cooperation with the Guangdong Universiade. At the 15th Provincial Universiade, the LED display provided to the organizer has been recognized by all walks of life.

4. Commercial promotion and information display in service areas such as shopping malls, large shopping plazas, and building exterior walls. This outdoor LED display has the characteristics of lightning and waterproof, suitable for outdoor scenes, and convenient for pedestrians to keep abreast of market trends. Indoor LED displays are used in the mall to display store activity information in time.

LED displays are used in shopping malls to display goods to attract customers

5. Performances, assemblies, promotional activities and exhibitions

LED rental screens are often used to replace traditional media. The LED rental screen is easy to transport and can be assembled at will, suitable for temporary scenes.

6. Propaganda and use of enterprises, units and schools

For government and corporate procurement, promotion of government information, display of school information, and display of corporate product information, such as diversified display forms, video, text, images, etc. can be provided. Common models include P4 indoor full-color LED display and P3 indoor full-color LED Display, outdoor P5 full-color LED display, outdoor P10 full-color LED display.

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