How to install creative LED sky screen?

Jul 28,2021| LED Knowledge

LED sky screen, LED sky screen, is a dome display screen installed above a relatively confined space. It is a dreamy LED product that plays the role of rendering, decoration, and lighting. It is generally suitable for the ceilings of large buildings such as high-end star hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, urban central squares, large stages, etc., with large area, light weight and different shapes. Now that more and more businesses choose to install creative LED sky screens, do you know how to install LED sky screens?

The sky screen LED display is very suitable for use in the Aquarium to enhance the attraction to tourists.

The installation steps are as follows:

Step 1: Splicing the outer frame: Assemble the outer frame of the LED sky screen, that is, splicing the cut profiles together. The common profiles on the market are mainly square and round, but the assembly method is the same.

Step 2: Fix the unit board:

1. Place the unit board in the frame (pay attention to the front and back of the frame, the grooved side is the front). At this time, the position of installing the back strip must be quite accurate, or you must reinstall from the beginning.

2. After the back strip is fixed, the frame can be removed and the magnet can be installed.

3. After the magnet is installed, close the frame and let the magnet and the backing bar attract, and the fixing of the unit board is completed.

Step 3: Connect the flat cable and the upper and lower power cables;

Step 4: Fix the power supply and control card: When connecting the power supply to the unit board, pay attention to the positive and negative poles. It is recommended to use SVV2*1.0 soft core wire, which is 1 square double-stranded soft core wire;

Step 5: Connect the control card and the unit board cable.

When the day curtain LED display is used on the stage, it is conducive to rendering the appeal of the stage.

In addition, do you know what are the requirements for installing a canopy LED display?

1. Lightweight, thin and transparent: The area of the sky screen LED display is usually large, and it is installed by hoisting, and the key points cannot be ignored. Therefore, when using the sky screen LED display, you should reduce your own weight as much as possible to reduce the burden of the load-bearing structure, and adopt a "transparent" design to reduce wind load. In addition, the beauty of the canopy LED display itself should also be taken seriously, and the thin and light design can add luster to the entire canopy implementation process.

2. Easy to use: "Light weight" is the design standard for large products. The more advanced and larger things are, the easier the final operation will be, including maintenance, debugging and use. Lightweight product design can reduce labor costs during subsequent installation and maintenance, thereby making the entire process more efficient.

3. Standard modular design: Due to manufacturing needs, the box needs a certain size. The cabinet is too large to produce and hinder installation. The standardized design of the LED sky screen can make the original display, power supply, control and unit structure of the LED display integrated together, which is easy to age, debug, transport and install.

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