What do you know about the canopy LED display?

Jul 28,2021| LED Knowledge

In recent years, the unique display solution of the sky screen transparent screen has attracted more and more attention from the commercial display media field. The sky screen LED display has the characteristics of transparent display effect, light weight and diversified shapes. As a thin and light display, the LED sky screen transparent screen weighs only 7KG/㎡, which is only 35% of the weight of the traditional sky screen LED display. Various installation methods such as ceiling hoisting and fixed installation. Simulate the sky, sea, snow and other special effects, which can perfectly play a beautiful different experience. In addition, do you know other contents of the sky screen LED display?

Most of the sky screen LED displays are used in large tunnel-type venues.

1. The sky screen LED display is a display carrier on the sky screen. Most of the common sky screen transparent screens are installed on the ceiling of the building to achieve the effects of display, decoration, and lighting.

The sky screen LED display is usually suitable for the ceiling of large buildings, such as high-end star hotel lobbies, shopping mall atriums, stations, airports, science and technology museums, etc.

2. The sky screen LED display is more stable and reliable. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free and long life. The system power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional display equipment, and there is no radiation pollution, and continuous viewing will not cause Visual fatigue, able to adapt to various climatic conditions, fast response, high reliability, and almost no heat.

3. The sky screen LED display is easy to operate and easy to upgrade and maintain. The screen can be divided into separate display screens to display the same content or different ones, or the entire display screen can display pictures simultaneously.

Most of the sky screen LED displays are used in large tunnel-type venues.

Compared with the traditional canopy LED display project, the major transparent screen manufacturers of the canopy LED display have very strict requirements on product technology and installation and maintenance. From design, manufacturing to engineering installation, etc., the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer has been tested. In addition, the use of materials, structural methods, control performance, technical structure, construction and maintenance are all very demanding.

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