Do you know "Sky Screen Projection"?

Jul 28,2021| LED Knowledge

"Sky curtain projection" is called "dome projection" in the multimedia industry, also known as "sky curtain". It refers to projecting shocking and lifelike 3D movies on the dome through multiple projectors and seamless fusion technology. Sky screen projection is a relatively new special-shaped projection technology. The picture it presents can be a sky full of stars or a mysterious outer space. It can immerse people in the overhead picture and give people a shocking visual experience. Sky screen projection generally uses multiple projectors to project images, and then seamlessly stitch the images through projection fusion technology. With stereo surround sound, people can feel like they are on the scene. What else do you know about "Sky Screen Projection"?

With the development of technology, sky screen projection is used more and more frequently.

The principle of the sky screen projection system: The principle of the screen projection system is to place the projection screen in the dome of the entire room through multiple projectors and projection fusion technology, and cooperate with the sound system and lighting system to form a magnificent and shocking picture. LED screens can also be used instead of projection screens as broadcast carriers, but they have relatively high requirements for the installation environment.

Sky screen projection equipment composition:

1. Projection screen: The projection screen can be directly suspended on the ceiling, and LED splicing screen can be used if necessary.

2. Fish-eye lens: using fish-eye lens can present a larger picture and a wider viewing angle.

3. Projector: A lot of projectors are needed, but the specific number should be customized according to actual needs.

4. Projection fusion software: The projection fusion software can seamlessly splice multiple pictures projected by the projector to form a complete picture.

5. Three-dimensional movies: Three-dimensional movies can present more realistic pictures, which are generally customized according to the needs of users.

6. Audio and lighting system: Sound and lighting are the icing on the cake for sky projection, used to render the atmosphere and enhance the immersive experience.

The effect of the sky screen projection is visible to the naked eye, and it can greatly attract the attention of customers.

Features of sky screen projection:

1. The size of the projection area can be determined according to needs

2. Projection content can be customized according to requirements

3. Interactive experience

4. Immerse yourself

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