Do you know what inspection work needs to be done to ensure the safety of the LED sky screen?

Jul 28,2021| LED Knowledge

LED sky screen is a special kind of LED display. Generally, it is built in prosperous commercial centers and densely crowded areas. Because of this, the quality and safety of the LED sky screen is particularly important. The principle of the LED sky screen is to place the projection screen in the dome of the entire room through multiple projectors and projection fusion technology, and cooperate with the sound system and lighting system to form a magnificent and shocking picture. It can also be replaced by an LED display. Projection screens are used as broadcast carriers, but they have relatively high requirements for the installation environment. In addition, do you know what inspection work needs to be done to ensure the safety of the LED sky screen?

The sky screen is now almost visible when you look up.

1. Check the cracks at the connection between the steel column and the ground of the LED sky screen project, check whether there are settlement cracks, deformation and displacement at the connection between the LED display steel tube concrete column and the ground; check whether the upper structure of the display is working properly and whether There are obvious tilt, displacement, and cracks caused by settlement.

2. Investigate the layout of the LED sky screen components, and use steel tape, vernier calipers, ultrasonic thickness gauges, etc. to measure the cross-sectional dimensions of the LED sky screen with 8 concrete-filled steel tube columns and 8 tube truss components, and inspect the measured components Whether the section size meets the design requirements.

3. Use a non-prism total station to extract 8 steel column components from the LED sky screen, and perform bending vector height detection and verticality detection on them respectively, to see if they meet the "Code for Acceptance of Steel Structure Engineering Construction Quality" (GB50205-2001) Requirements.

4. Use the TT260 type coating thickness gauge to extract 30 tube truss rods from the LED sky screen to test the dry paint film thickness of the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the tube truss rods. The thickness of the dry paint film of the anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the measured components is required Meet the requirements of "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineering" (GB50205-2001): outdoor should be 150μm, indoor should be 125μm, and its allowable deviation is -25μm.

Sky screens are now seen more and more frequently in shopping malls.

5. Use a digital display ultrasonic flaw detector to extract 48 butt welds and related line welds on the LED sky screen for weld quality inspection. The measured weld quality must meet the requirements of weld quality level two.

6. Inspect the appearance quality, damage and leakage of the LED sky screen, mainly including the rust of the connector, the wrinkle of the steel component, the drop, the peeling and the back rust phenomenon, and the crack and deformation.

Doing a good job of these inspections can not only maintain the normal operation of the LED sky screen, but also the personal safety of the leaders of the state. It is very necessary to do multiple tasks in one fell swoop.

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