How much does it cost to make LED display P6 products?

Jul 29,2021| LED Knowledge

The LED display P6 is currently a popular outdoor product, with high dot density and good display effect. Compared with other models of display screens, it is more cost-effective. The LED display P6 is generally made of SMD 3535 lamp beads, and the large display screen has high brightness. So, do you know how much it costs to make LED display P6 products?

The LED display P6 is very suitable for outdoor use.

Features of LED display P6 products:

1. High refresh rate, high gray scale, no camera jitter, which can meet the application of TV station live broadcast;

2. The LED display can maintain perfect picture quality and sufficient brightness after long-term use, and can realize the point-by-point correction function;

3. The special structure can meet multiple purposes such as frontal maintenance, stacking, hoisting, and fixed installation;

4. The color is uniform and consistent, the viewing angle is large, the brightness is high, and the lamp is not easy to die, the failure is low, and the maintenance is easy.

The cost of making a LED display P6 product is as follows:

1. Screen price: LED display P6 generally adopts a simple waterproof box design, which includes the box, modules, power supply, wires, and assembly costs.

2. Control system price: how much the system is equipped with will affect the refresh rate of the screen.

3. Control the computer: The conventional LED display adopts synchronous control, that is, what is displayed on the computer display and what is displayed on the LED display.

4. Power distribution cabinet: Although the LED display is an energy-saving product, the area of the LED display is generally larger, so the power consumption is also very large, and the power distribution cabinet is an indispensable power supply equipment.

5. Audio amplifier: The LED display P6 product can be said to be a display, without sound output function, the sound is output from the computer host, so if the screen needs sound output, it must be equipped with an audio amplifier.

LED display P6 is often used in recruitment offices in shopping malls.

6. Video processor: As mentioned above, the LED display P6 adopts synchronous control. How the computer displays the LED display can display it, but not all signals can be displayed directly by the computer, so a video processor is required to prevent the computer directly. The displayed signal is processed and then transmitted to the large screen, or when the LED display is too large and a control system sending card cannot be loaded, the video splicing processor is required to splice and display a whole screen.

7. Steel structure and edging: No matter which installation method is adopted for the engineering screen, it is necessary to fix it directly, and generally it is welded by square pass. In order to better heat dissipation, the LED display P6 will adopt a simple waterproof box design, that is, there is no back cover at the rear, and post-maintenance is adopted. In this way, it is necessary to put a rain-proof shed behind the screen to be waterproof.

8. Freight: Factory transportation generally uses logistics transportation, which mainly refers to logistics freight.

9. Installation and commissioning fee: The manufacturers of LED display P6 will generally send technicians to provide technical support on site, and a technical fee will be incurred. Find 2-4 small workers, the cost of small workers (determined according to the size and height of the screen), and the cost of the crane (if the screen is installed in a high position).

10. Comprehensive wiring fee: mainly refers to the power cord and network cable (the transmission distance is not more than 100M, more than the use of optical fiber), which model and length are used, we recommend according to the installation site of the LED display P6 and the size of the screen. to make sure.

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