What are the characteristics of outdoor waterproof transparent screens?

Jul 29,2021| LED Knowledge

Outdoor display screen is a very important display platform. It can not only present all kinds of information, but also present a beautiful night view of the city at night. If outdoor LED display screens want to show good results, they must have a high-quality LED display screen. , The outdoor waterproof transparent screen meets the needs of good waterproof appearance and good quality. What are its characteristics?

The use of LED outdoor waterproof transparent screens in outdoor venues is conducive to attracting the attention of passers-by.

Features of outdoor waterproof transparent screen:

1. High transmittance: The use of positive light-emitting technology can increase the transmittance to more than 70%. When the screen is displayed, it can present a three-dimensional image effect.

2. Ultra-clear and ultra-thin: The 82mm slim box weighs only 7.5kg. Through the die-casting aluminum process, it creates a super-textured experience to meet the needs of anti-extendable deformation, high flatness and seamless splicing.

3. High protection level IP65: The module adopts advanced glue filling technology and waterproof rubber ring to achieve military-grade IP65 full protection, which perfectly meets the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fog, and can be used in various indoor and outdoor places.

4. The picture is delicate: high brightness 4500cd/㎡, high contrast ratio of 2500:1, high refresh rate of 1920Hz, showing a delicate picture, light and shadow flow, smooth and natural.

5. Integrated function design: ergonomic design, comfortable grip, no complicated operation, and the screen can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

6. Independent power supply module: LED outdoor waterproof transparent screen adopts independent power supply module, showing excellent heat dissipation capacity.

7. Simple installation: 1000*1000 cabinet, equipped with high-precision arc lock, can be arc-shaped splicing installation, assembling inner and outer arcs, assembling large and small boxes, and staggered assembling. The installation shape is diversified, showing more novel visual experience.

The use of LED outdoor waterproof transparent screens in indoor restaurants makes the dining atmosphere better.

LED outdoor waterproof transparent screens mainly include Vclear Pro (indoor) and Vclear Pro-D (outdoor waterproof) series, with transparent display, novel structure, high-definition highlight, simple application, intelligent control, energy saving and environmental protection, novel materials and display characteristics, etc. , It is widely used in various scenes such as indoor and outdoor, stage art rental, etc., to realize unique, novel and unique scene applications.

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