What are the advantages of the LED display P2?

Jul 29,2021| LED Knowledge

The screen contrast ratio of the LED display P2 is 1000:1, the flatness coefficient of the cabinet is less than 0.5mm, and the power factor is as high as 88%. It can be cooled without air conditioning. The P2 full-color display screen has a small footprint and a light weight. , The color is soft and realistic, the consistency is good, the display image is delicate and realistic, the surface mount packaging technology, the uniformity, the brightness, the viewing angle are good, and the rapid installation and disassembly can be realized, saving your precious time and labor costs. Do you know what are the advantages of LED displays?

The use of LED display P2 in event exhibitions is always so popular.

Product advantages of LED display P2:

1. High-definition video image display effect;

2. Simple, quick and convenient installation method and lighter screen weight;

3. Free splicing and combination, any size and shape can be customized, and special-shaped splicing unit can be customized;

4. Adopt magnet installation or iron/aluminum cabinet front/rear maintenance and fixed installation, flexible selection according to the installation environment;

5. High contrast: face mask design, black body SMD, non-reflective surface, large viewing angle, good display effect;

6. High uniformity of brightness and color: high-quality selected light-emitting devices of the same batch are used to ensure high uniformity;

7. No noise: Quiet design, no air conditioning, no fan installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy.

LED display P2 is used more and more frequently in event exhibitions.

Many customers do not know the screen very well when ordering the small-pitch LED display P2. After you understand the above LED display P2, I think you will have a deeper understanding of it.

Since the LED display P2 has the above advantages, customers often choose the LED display P2 in the selection of the indoor LED display.

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