How to measure the quality of the water dance screen?

Jul 30,2021| LED Knowledge

The water dance screen product is made of acrylic. The working principle is to flush the gas through the filter into the water to produce various messy small bubbles. The bubbles are illuminated by colorful and brilliant lights to form special effects, making them achieve dreamlike and colorful visual effects. The products are suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, home decoration, exhibition halls, aquariums and other places. All kinds of colorful bubbles dancing in the water and the ambilight of color changes, dream-like visual experience, make the atmosphere of the scene more active and hot. This product is used to decorate various environments or homes, and it is very artistic. So, do you know how to measure the quality of the water dance screen?

Water dance screens are very popular in the furniture decoration industry.

The metrics are as follows:

1. Thickness tolerance:

The control of sheet thickness tolerance is an important manifestation of quality management and production technology. The thickness tolerance of the imported acrylic pouring sheet is controlled within +0.2mm. The manufacturer specializing in the production of water dance screens is Jiangmen Jianghai District Jianqiao Technology Electric Co., Ltd., located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. A manufacturer specializing in the production of water column lights, water column screens, water dance screens, acrylic bubble walls, flowing water walls, aquarium screens, humidifiers, oxygen bar lights and other acrylic aquarium decorations. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development, production and sales, which can meet the requirements of customers for design and production.

2. Hardness:

Hardness is one of the parameters that best reflects the production process and technology of cast acrylic sheet, and it is an important part of quality control. The hardness can reflect the purity of the raw material MMA, the weather resistance of the sheet and the high temperature resistance. The hardness directly affects whether the sheet will shrink and bend, and whether the surface will crack during processing. Hardness is one of the rigid indicators for judging the quality of acrylic sheets. The imported cast acrylic sheet produced by Jianghai Jianqiao Technology Electric Co., Ltd. has the highest hardness index of the same product in China. The average Dallow's hardness value is around 89 degrees.

Water dance screens are very popular in the furniture decoration industry.

In short, to choose a water dance screen requires the following points:

First, choosing a good water dance screen is a good material. The material of acrylic sheet, glue, air bubble stone, and the quality of water stop valve, air regulating valve, trachea, led light.

Second, choose manufacturers with meticulous workmanship. As a handicraft, the water dance screen is very important. The workmanship is good, and the acrylic side is smooth and flat. The lamp tube has the same color, high brightness and complete glue bonding.

Third, the size is accurate and the product is stable. Choose good brand products.

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