What is the difference between LCD and LED?

Aug 02,2021| LED Knowledge

When buying LED displays, there will always be some customers who misunderstand LCD and LED. It is not difficult to distinguish them clearly. The following content will explain the difference between them in detail for you. So, before this, do you know the difference between LCD and LED?

The LED display is showing the cat.

1. In principle:

LED: When the forward voltage is applied to the light-emitting diode, the holes injected from the P area to the N area and the electrons injected from the N area to the P area are in the vicinity of the PN junction with the electrons in the N area and the P area respectively. Holes recombine, resulting in radiant fluorescence. The energy states of electrons and holes in different semiconductor materials are different. The more energy released when electrons and holes recombine, the shorter the wavelength of the emitted light.

LCD: The imaging principle of TFT-LCD liquid crystal display adopts the "back-through" illumination method. When the light source is irradiated, it first penetrates upward through the lower polarizing plate, and transmits light with the help of liquid crystal molecules. Since the upper and lower interlayer electrodes are changed to FET electrodes and common electrodes, when the FET electrodes are turned on, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules will also change, and the purpose of display is achieved by shielding and transmitting light.

The use of LED display in shopping malls.

2. Features:

LED: The most prominent feature is energy saving; it can work at high-speed switching; the LED lamp does not contain any mercury and other heavy metal materials, which is environmentally friendly; it has a fast response speed; compared to other light sources, LED lights are "cleaner" .

LCD: low-voltage and micro-power consumption; small and exquisite appearance, only 6.5-8mm in thickness; passive display type, no glare, non-irritating to human eyes, and will not cause eye fatigue; large amount of display information; easy to colorize, and can be very accurate in color spectrum Recurrence; no electromagnetic radiation, safe to the human body, conducive to information confidentiality; long life.

This is the essential difference between LED and LCD. Other small differences will be explained for you in the next article.

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