Full-color P3.91 LED display cost and installation customization process.

Aug 04,2021| LED Knowledge

The full-color P3.91 LED display is taken from one of the indoor full-color LED display series. The full-color P3.91 LED display is the product with the highest definition in the full-color LED display series. The product is produced using SMD surface mount technology, with 111,111 pixels per square meter, which can play high-definition video files. It is a high-end LED display product Series, can be used in a variety of occasions to release video advertisements, play high-definition video movies, TV, etc. According to the actual situation, P3.91 is mainly used indoors. Therefore, when installing the full-color P3.91 LED display, pay special attention to the installation of indoor display.

Full-color P3.91 LED display is being installed.

Installation and debugging of full-color P3.91 LED display hardware:

①Insert the DVI display card into the AGP socket of the motherboard, and then configure the driver;

②Insert the data card into the PCI slot on the motherboard;

③Connect the two interfaces of DVI and AGP installed above;

④Connect the RS232 serial port with the data line;

⑤Connect to the receiving card with a network cable; the specific number is based on the requirements of the project drawing;

⑥ After checking that the connection is correct, perform the setting and power-on test.

Installation and configuration of full-color P3.91 LED display software:

①Display card driver installation: Put the display card driver CD into the CD-ROM drive to automatically enter the installation state, follow the prompts to complete the operation; pay attention to first configure DX9 and then install the driver; finally configure the display card control program;

②Video playback software: install a special LED player and set up software or other control software; put the attached application software CD into the CD-ROM drive, copy or install it to the computer in the correct order;

③The full-color LED electronic display screen was successfully installed and debugged.

Other instructions:

① Check whether the wiring is correct, including the connection of the strong current cable, and whether the signal data line is connected correctly, mainly whether the input and output of the system receiving card are correct (there is a direction indication on the receiving card). 

② Check that the system connection line is correct. 

③Whether the computer software is successfully installed, including the installation of the display card driver and control software.

Full-color P3.91 LED display is about 3690 RMB per square meter.

Attention should be paid when installing the full-color P3.91 display:

①Follow the operation steps in the "User Manual";

② Humidity resistance standard: the highest operating temperature, the relative humidity of the LED display should be less than 92;

③Temperature standard requirements: working environment temperature -20°C≤: T≤80℃ storage environment temperature -40°C≤: T≤60℃;

④The power supply voltage must meet the standard requirements:

The power supply voltage of the LED display: 220V±10;

Frequency: 50Hz±5;

Ensure safe grounding, separate wiring of the ground wire and neutral wire, and keep the access voltage away from high-power electrical equipment.

The quotation of the full-color P3.91 LED display is mainly affected by the following factors:

1. Quotation of the screen body: that is, the price of the conference room display screen is ××yuan/square meter, and the selected materials are different, the price is also different, including the cost of LED die, IC drive chip, power supply and LED cabinet.

2. Control system cost: that is to control the computer and the number of receiving cards and sending cards, the number needs to be determined according to the size of the LED screen in the meeting room, and then the cost is calculated.

3. Auxiliary equipment costs: power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, control cards, lightning arresters and LED video processors, etc., can be selected according to requirements, and customers can buy them themselves.

4. Display screen playback software: including computer system software, as well as LED video playback software, etc., generally free of charge.

5. Steel frame structure cost: including manual installation cost. Generally, the steel frame column structure is more expensive than the wall installation structure. You can also ask the LED display manufacturer to provide the steel frame structure design drawings, and the customer can find the local manufacturer to make it.

6. Transportation cost: the cost of logistics transportation is paid by the customer.

7. Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the site, the technical engineer of the LED display manufacturer will come to assist in the installation and commissioning. The installation is free of charge, but the general board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses of the technical engineer are required.


How to calculate the price of full-color P3.91 LED display?

The full-color P3.91 LED display is used in stages, celebrations, weddings, and commercial events; indoor LED display specifications are: P2.96, P3.91, P4.81, I believe that the price of indoor LED display is one that everyone is more concerned about. The problem is that the total price of an LED display is the total cost of the LED display by adding up the price of the accessories included in the above-mentioned LED display. The price of the LED display is calculated according to the large screen area; the quotation is generally XXXX/square meter, of course, the unit price of the display mentioned here refers to the price of the screen, not the unit price of all the equipment of the LED display, such as control systems 、computer ang steel structure etc. are not simply calculated according to the area. These things must be accurately calculated according to the specific size and proportion of the display. Except for the LED display screen, the other accessories are the same for each manufacturer.

So, if you want to purchase an LED display, you need to pay attention to these details.

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