P3.91 LED display stage rental display installation process

Aug 04,2021| LED Knowledge

As we all know, the P3.91 LED stage rental display is widely used in cultural performances, and the outstanding huge effects in stage performances have been fully applied. The P3.91 LED screen rental stage display can be used for live broadcast, slow-motion playback of highlights, close-up and special background environment creation, etc. It can not only bring the artistic conception to the extreme, but also create realistic pictures and shocking music effects. The large and clear live broadcast of the spectacular and modern scene brings an immersive audio-visual feast.

If you want to install the P3.91 LED stage rental display, you first need to understand the main components of the stage rental display in detail.


The main components of P3.91 LED stage rental display are:

1. Main screen:

The main screen is the big screen in the center of the stage. Most of the time, the shape of the main screen is approximately square or rectangular. 

The pixel density of the main screen is also different according to the importance of the content to be displayed.

2. Secondary screen:

The secondary screen is also called the secondary screen, which is the display screen on both sides of the main screen. 

Its main function is to close the main screen, so the displayed content is relatively abstract. Therefore, the model used is relatively large.

3. Video expansion screen:

It is mainly used for large-scale occasions, such as large-scale concerts, singing and dancing concerts. On these occasions, because the venue is relatively large, there are many places where characters and effects cannot be seen on the stage, so one or two large screens are set up on one side of these venues. 

The content is usually a live broadcast on the stage, and the common specifications are similar to the main screen. P3.91 LED stage rental display models are used more frequently and can be used in some KTVs, dance halls and other entertainment venues.

 Some special-shaped stage LED displays based on LED displays are converted to special-shaped LED displays, so that the characteristics of new products can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and dimensions can be customized according to requirements, and the shape is more exotic Beauty.

The Full-color P3.91 LED display is under maintenance.

P3.91 LED screen rental stage display screen is usually used as the background of the stage in the use of the stage, the installation method is as follows:

Wall-mounted installation:

1. This device method is mainly used indoors and semi-outdoors;

2. It is generally used for entrances of passages and corridors, as well as entrances of stations, railway stations, and subways;

3. Used to guide the traffic of highways, railways and highways;

4. Screen body planning generally chooses integrated cabinet planning, or hoisting structure planning.

Mosaic installation:

1. The entire LED display is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is on the same level as the wall;

2. Generally choose simple cabinet planning;

3. Protection before pre-selection (frontal protection planning);

4. The device method is used indoors and in the field, but usually uses a small distance and small screen;

5. Generally used for building entrances, halls, etc.

Column installation: (There are many ways to install the column, generally used as a billboard in the field)

1. Single row device method: suitable for small screen applications;

2. Double-column device method: suitable for large-screen applications;

3. Closed protection channel: suitable for simple boxes;

4. Open protection channel: suitable for standard cabinets.

Hanging installation:

1. The device is generally used indoors or semi-field;

2. The screen display area is small, and generally does not leave the repair channel space. The entire screen is dismantled for maintenance, perhaps into a foldable integrated structure;

3. The screen area is slightly larger. Generally, pre-protection planning (that is, frontal protection planning, assembly method) is adopted.

Installation of roof-mounted devices:

1. This device method shows that the screen and steel frame structure can resist wind is the key;

2. Generally adopt oblique point of view device, or choose oblique 8° planning for module;

3. Mainly used for outdoor advertising.

Hoisting installation:

The lifting screen should not have a larger size, generally less than 6m*10m, except for special box materials and curtains.

 The top is equipped with a suspension beam, and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. 

This beam is used to lift the screen. Between the row and the row box, it is connected with the lifting organization, and the horizontal box is locked and fastened.

Types of lifting organization: gear type, cone type, bolt type.

It has the following different characteristics:

1. The gear type is more expensive and more beautiful;

2. Cone type is moderately priced and reliable;

3. The bolt type is cheap and reliable.

The Full-color P3.91 LED display is under maintenance.

The installation process of P3.91 LED stage rental display is as follows:

LED display installation site investigation:

1) Construction technicians arrive at the project installation site for on-site investigation;

2) Determine the installation location and surrounding environment of the LED electronic screen;

3) Determine the location, environment and control distance of the computer room where the control host is installed;

4) Measure the actual transmission distance of the control signal and the data signal.

Design the wiring position of the transmission signal line:

1) After the technicians survey, the construction personnel shall lay the communication cables according to the design plan;

2) Layout and layout route; including necessary excavation, drilling, slotting, etc.;

3) Pre-embedded pipelines and threading, mainly laying pipelines;

4) Install the wire connector.

The production of LED display frame:

1) The construction personnel shall carry out the frame construction according to the reference design drawings provided by the structural designers;

2) Steel frame manufacturing; to ensure the accuracy of structure manufacturing;

3) Welding installation of steel frame;

4) The construction of off-screen decorative materials is mainly related to the beautiful decoration of the surroundings;

5) The lead of the power supply system inside the screen.

LED display installation:

1) The cabinet is installed and fixed to ensure the positioning accuracy and connection strength, and the screen is smooth and seamless;

2) Box connection, signal line connection, distribution box installation, power line connection and control network erection.

System debugging:

1) LED electronic large screen power supply system test;

2) Test and debug;

3) LED electronic large screen display system, network system debugging, multimedia system debugging.

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