Where can I buy a more favorable P3.91 stage rental LED display?

Aug 04,2021| LED Knowledge

Rental LED display screens have become more common in many cities, and stage rentals are common. Lease from a small stage of more than 20 square meters to a large stage of tens of thousands of square meters.For the rental of small stage display screens, due to the low requirements for stage lighting effects and artistic sense, and the low cost of the rental budget, the choice of rental manufacturers will not be so strict.Relatively speaking, large-scale stage display rental has a special rental budget, and the stage effect requirements are more stringent, such as festival celebrations, star concerts, world-class sports meets, and large-scale exhibitions.

To put it simply, the P3.91 stage rental LED display is to provide the stage with a realistic picture and a stage background of shocking music. At the same time, it is matched with other elements of the stage to give the audience a magnificent and magnificent scene, bringing the whole stage performance to a climax. 

It is undeniable that there are many domestic LED display rental manufacturers, so as display users, where should we go to buy the more favorable P3.91 stage rental LED display?

P3.91 The title and main content of the stage rental LED display speech are displayed.

First of all, before deciding to purchase P3.91 stage rental LED display, you need to choose a stage LED display rental manufacturer, which needs to consider five factors:

1. Successful project cases when users rent LED displays, it is important to understand the manufacturer's successful cases. Through some cases done before, it can help to understand this manufacturer. If there are more cases of the same type or large-scale event projects have been undertaken, it can indicate that the manufacturer has rich engineering experience and can complete the project well, so it is more reliable to choose this manufacturer.

As one of the emerging stage LED display rental manufacturers, Shenzhen Jingyuancai Co., Ltd. is already very good, serving customers wholeheartedly from communication to procurement arrangements to installation and maintenance.

2. The overall strength of the manufacturer The overall strength of the manufacturer is also a major consideration for user leasing. For example, if you have been engaged in LED display for more than 8 years, with a registered capital of more than 30 million, and obtained a variety of industry qualification certificates, you can definitely lease millions of display products to users.

The LED display of Shenzhen Jingyuancai Co., Ltd.  is very guaranteed. The company has been established for a long time, the production process is standardized, and the product quality is excellent, so that users can rest assured.

3. After-sales service quality Large-scale events are most afraid of the failure of some stage machines. After all, users may not know how to deal with problems with mobile phones and cannot be solved quickly. This requires stage LED display rental manufacturers to provide comprehensive after-sales service, complete various commissioning work and corresponding technical support in a timely and fast manner. In this regard, Shenzhen Jingyuancai Co., Ltd. is confident to arrange proper arrangements for customers. From purchase to installation and maintenance, it is the most secure guarantee for customers.

4. Transportation and installation methods The stage installation environment, display size, display appearance and other user needs are different. For example, in some large-scale event parties, the shape of the display screen may be round, spherical, diamond, fan, gem, cylindrical, arc, Rubik's cube, etc. The installation is more complicated and affects the progress of the project. This is the need for the leasing manufacturer's display cabinet to be light and thin, easy to install and remove, and convenient for large-area transportation.

5. Rental cost budget. Users need to consider the cost of screen rental, freight, base construction and installation. After comprehensively comparing several stage LED display rental manufacturers with a tendency to cooperate, they also need to look at some basic configurations of the display. Such as masks, LED transparent screen modules, HUB hubs, receiving cards, power supplies, cabinets, etc. Finding a manufacturer of cost-effective products is the most favorable and most affordable.

P3.91 stage rental LED display used in the interview can more clearly see the expression of the interviewee.

Let's take a look at which parts of the stage LED rental display:

1. Main screen:

The main screen is the one in the center of the stage. Most of the time, the main screen is approximately square or rectangular, and because of the importance of the content it displays, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. The display specifications currently used for the main screen are mainly P3, P4 and P3.91, of which P3.91 is the most popular.

2. Secondary screen:

The secondary screen is the display screen used on both sides of the main screen. Its main function is to set off the main screen, so the content it displays is relatively general. Therefore, the models used are relatively large. The commonly used specifications are mainly: P4 and P3.91 and other models, and in the process of use, they are often used grid-type LED display.

3. Video expansion screen:

Video expansion screens are mainly used in relatively large venues, such as large-scale concerts, singing and dancing concerts, etc. Among these venues, because the venues are relatively large, there are many places where it is impossible to see the characters and effects on the stage. Therefore, one or two large screens are installed on the sides of these venues, and the content is generally on the stage. For live broadcast, the commonly used specifications are similar to those of the main screen. The three specifications of LED displays P3, P4 and P3.91 are more commonly used.

4. Special-shaped LED display:

Some special-shaped stage LED displays are also used in entertainment venues such as KTV dance halls. The so-called special-shaped LED display is a special-shaped LED display based on The characteristic of the product is that it can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and size can be customized according to the requirements, and the shape is more fashionable and colorful.

P3.91 stage rental LED display has a magnificent feeling in a large stage.

In general, when choosing a more favorable stage LED display rental manufacturer, we must first choose a strong manufacturer, and then choose products and services. At the same time, it is recommended that you choose more rental manufacturers to compare, in order to find more suitable manufacturers and products. Moreover, the P3.91 stage rental LED display is more adaptable and can be used in a variety of places.

Therefore, buying P3.91 stage rental LED display from Shenzhen Jingyuancai Co., Ltd.  will be more favorable and reliable.

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