Is there any discount for P3.91 LED stage rental displays in Hong Kong?

Aug 04,2021| LED Knowledge

As we all know, stage LED display screens are widely used in cultural performances, and the huge effects that stand out in stage performances have been fully applied. P3.91 LED stage rental display can broadcast live, slow-motion playback of highlights, close-up and special background environment creation, etc. It can not only bring the artistic conception to the extreme, but also create a spectacular scene with realistic pictures and shocking music effects. And the modern scene; the large and clear live broadcast brings an immersive audio-visual feast. Therefore, more and more people tend to buy P3.91 LED stage rental displays. Next, let’s take a look at whether there are any discounts for purchasing P3.91 LED stage rental displays in Hong Kong.

Stage LED display price The current stage LED display price calculation method is generally calculated according to the unit area of the screen. At present, the usual price ranges from 4000 to 8000 RMB/㎡. Hong Kong is a major transportation hub for foreign trade. 

Hong Kong's Full-color P3.91 LED display is usually imported from mainland China, especially the neighboring Shenzhen exported to Hong Kong, so the price of Full-color P3.91 LED display will be more expensive than the direct purchase price in China.The size, model and configuration requirements are related.

P3.91 LED stage rental display played a role in the band performance.

P3.91 Costs included in the LED stage rental display quotation:

1. Quotation of the screen body: including the total area of the screen body;

2. Supporting equipment: including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor;

3. System engineering: including steel structure, power wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs, etc.

The purchase of P3.91 LED stage rental display is related to the required display size and area:

1. In P3.91 LED rental stage display, P represents the distance between any two pixels. For example: P3.91 full-color screen means that the distance between pixels is 3.91mm. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution and clarity. Generally, the smaller the stage LED display model, the higher the price of the stage LED display. Therefore, under the same configuration, the P3.91 display is generally more expensive than the P4 display;

2. The pixel density is different when the dot pitch is different;

3. The point spacing is the same, but the viewing distance is also different. For example, P3.91 is better for viewing at a distance of 3.91 meters, P4 is suitable for viewing at a distance of 4 meters, and so on. If the size of the stage LED display is too small, to achieve a good display effect, it is necessary to make a higher density LED rental display model. The specific stage LED display model needs to be determined according to the viewing distance, use occasion, display requirements, capital budget, etc.;

4. P3.91 LED stage rental display recommends that the conventional length and width dimensions be made in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, so that the ratio of the length and width of the screen is more coordinated, and the viewing and display effect will be better.

P3.91 LED stage rental displays decorated the surrounding environment during the competition.

In addition, the information that needs to be provided when purchasing the P3.91 LED stage rental display also has a significant relationship with the final transaction price:

1. Installation environment: the installation environment of the stage LED display, indoor or outdoor, and the installation method, whether it is fixed installation or removable (commonly known as rental LED display). Among them, fixed installation is generally cheaper than removable installation because of mobile installation It is necessary to increase the cost of moving materials, such as air boxes, etc.

2. Viewing distance: Provide the viewing distance required for stage LED display.

3. Model specifications: Please indicate the specifications of the stage LED display to be selected. If you are not sure, please call to consult a professional salesperson.

In addition to these, there are some factors that will affect the price of P3.91 LED stage rental displays in Hong Kong:

1. Specifications:

P3.91 LED stage rental display can be divided into single color, double color and full color from the color of LED display. From the use environment, it can be divided into indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor. The price of each specification of LED display is different. Indoor full color is divided into P2.5 LED display and P3.91 LED display. P4 LED display, P5 LED display; outdoor full-color is sub-surface-mount full-color, generally high-density such as P4 surface-mount full-color LED display, P5 LED surface-mount full-color display, P6 outdoor full-color LED display Screen, P8 full-color LED display.

2. Main supporting system:

1). Play system: control computer, multimedia card or graphics card, play software;

2). Graphic input: scanner, digital camera.

The above accessories and equipment are optional except for system accessories and playback system. Due to the influence of factors such as brand and procurement channels, the price of its LED display is naturally different.

3. Construction factors:

Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure material selection, etc., especially when making outdoor LED displays, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment.

4. Material:

It can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. At present, the most used chip in China is Taiwan.

P3.91 LED stage rental display provides powerful assistance for merchandise display.

In terms of light-emitting chips, the sources of imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and some domestic chips are also currently available. American and Japanese chips, because they have always mastered the core technology, under the background of similar monopolies, the prices of American and Japanese chips remain high. Chip prices in Taiwan and the mainland are relatively cheap, but there is still a certain gap in performance compared to chips from the United States and Japan. If the LED display is used in more important occasions, it is better to use imported materials.

Purchasing the P3.91 LED stage rental display in Hong Kong is a more favorable choice in itself, and then considering the configuration of the P3.91 LED stage rental display according to the needs, the transaction reached after such consideration is bound to be the most favorable.

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