Can P4.81 outdoor LED display be used indoors?

Aug 09,2021| LED Knowledge

The answer is yes. P4.81 outdoor LED display can be used both indoors and outdoors because of its unique water resistance, but because of the addition of waterproof materials, its price is also higher. Under normal circumstances, if there is no special requirement and used indoors, P4.81 indoor LED display is used, which will be more advantageous in price.

The advantages of P4.81 outdoor LED display make it applicable in various places. From its advantages, we can better understand why P4.81 outdoor LED display is so popular.

Advantages of P4.81 outdoor LED display:

1. The location is fixed, and the area is marked:

Generally speaking, P4.81 outdoor LED display must choose a fixed space for display. Because of this feature, the P4.81 outdoor LED display can attract high attention with its strong visual impact and become a geographical indication of the urban area, so as to repeatedly disseminate information to consumers at regular and fixed points.

2. Various manifestations:

P4.81 outdoor LED display uses its superb sound and light technology, through computer control, can display a variety of graphics and animation, using various forms of advertising and other information display, can display static pictures, can also display dynamic pictures, It can display two-dimensional images or three-dimensional images, presenting brilliant effects around the clock.

3. Diversified combination, strong plasticity:

In addition to its own creative design, the P4.81 outdoor LED display can also be combined with other materials, carefully designed with diversified combinations, and applied in the same advertisement or message, which looks dynamic and pleasing to the eye Feelings.

4. High arrival rate and good transmission effect:

The P4.81 outdoor LED display is direct and concise, and it can publish advertisements and other information 24 hours a day, with a high frequency of dissemination. In addition, for a specific target audience in a fixed area, through strategic media arrangement and distribution, an ideal arrival rate can be created, so as to achieve a good communication effect.

P4.81 outdoor LED display main scene application:

1. Building curtain wall:

Urban architectural curtain walls are mainly concentrated in the prosperous areas of the city. Such a huge stock of architectural curtain walls is a potential market for outdoor media advertising. So far, the advertising value of this market has not been fully developed, but with urban outdoor advertising With the depletion of resources, the glass curtain wall has become a new blue ocean field. The scope of this field is very wide, such as city landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with advertising commercial value.

2. Sports competition:

P4.81 outdoor LED display is very important in the field of stadiums. It can not only provide real-time broadcast of the game, but also replay wonderful images so that the audience can better enjoy the game, and it can also provide slow-motion playback to help the referee. Correct arbitration, reduce unnecessary disputes, and ensure that the results of the competition are more fair and just. In addition, it can also be used for the introduction of athletes, the display of game results and the broadcast of commercial advertisements. It has a wide range of functions, whether it is the Olympic Games, the World Cup, or various events. The application of P4.81 outdoor LED display is indispensable in Zhongdu. P4.81 outdoor LED display has become an indispensable facility in various modern stadiums including football stadiums, basketball stadiums, and track and field stadiums.

3. Stage background:

In various cultural and sports performances and evening parties, the P4.81 outdoor LED display has become an indispensable tool to set off the atmosphere of the performance and show better stage effects. The P4.81 outdoor LED display can also be used for live broadcast and playback of live games, so that audiences at a distance can clearly appreciate the performance. The more important function is to use the P4.81 outdoor LED display to show stage special effects and expand the performance. Space, highlight the atmosphere of the stage, and deeply express the theme and style of each show, which is extremely important in large-scale stage performances such as Spring Festival Gala and concerts.

The price of P4.81 outdoor LED display:

The size of P4.81 outdoor LED display screen is related to the price. The larger the LED display screen, the more materials it consumes, and the price is naturally more expensive.

P4.81 outdoor LED display specifications and models The main models of LED displays are P1.667, P1.923, P2.0, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16, etc., LED display P in the screen refers to the center distance between two adjacent pixels of the LED display, referred to as the dot pitch, is the distance between the LED display lamp beads and the lamp beads. Under normal circumstances, the denser the lamp beads, the LED display The clearer, the higher the resolution, and the higher the price.

P4.81 Outdoor LED display materials can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. Some LED light-emitting chips, driver ICs and other main materials. In terms of raw materials and core technologies, such as chips, China still relies on foreign technology; from a cost perspective, imported components are more expensive than domestic ones. The key is that different chips have different stability, brightness, and lifespan. There are also other components such as: power supply, module circuit board, box material and plastic mask, and all cables and connecting wires inside the display screen. The cost of materials is also very different. In addition, the quality of the LED display lamp beads is also an important factor affecting the price of the LED display.

P4.81 In addition to the cost of raw materials, the production cost of outdoor LED display companies also includes the cost of employee salaries, logistics costs, and after-sales service.

P4.81 outdoor LED display installation and construction factors are affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection, etc., P4.81 outdoor LED display project quotations will also be quite different, especially production When the LED outdoor advertising screen is affected by the construction environment, the project price varies greatly.

From the above information, it can be seen that the P4.81 outdoor LED display can be used in many places in daily life, and the waterproof and dustproof properties of the P4.81 outdoor LED display can make it easy to use indoors and outdoors. .

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