Will the use of P4.81 indoor LED display affect outdoor use?

Aug 09,2021| LED Knowledge

Some customers have purchased indoor LED displays. After using them for a period of time, the company has activities that need to be used outdoors. In order to save costs, can indoor LED displays be used outdoors? Customers who have such an idea do not understand LED displays. LED display manufacturers can give you a definite answer. It is unrealistic to change indoor LED display to outdoor use for the following reasons. After reading it, I think you will have a deeper understanding of this problem.
P4.81 The use of indoor LED display in indoor shopping malls.

P4.81 The difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display:

1. The brightness of the unit board is different:

Indoor LED display screen: The unit board uses an indoor unit board, and the brightness is much darker than that of the outdoor LED unit board, but it is very dazzling to look at the outdoor unit board indoors.

2. The waterproof performance of the unit board is different:

The structure of indoor LED screen is basically non-waterproof. Even if it is waterproof, it is a simple waterproof treatment. Outdoor LED display screens have high requirements for waterproofing. Because they often encounter wind, rain and thunder and lightning outdoors, they must be aligned during production. If the cables and boxes are properly waterproofed, there will be differences in the requirements of the box structure itself.

P4.81 the indoor LED display has restrictions on outdoor use:

1. Limitations in brightness.

The P4.81 indoor LED display does not require high brightness. It uses a dynamic scanning circuit, while the outdoor LED display has a higher brightness and requires a static scanning circuit. The hardware difference between the two is big.

2. Restrictions on waterproofing.

The indoor LED display structure requires no waterproofing or simple waterproofing treatment, while the outdoor LED display requires a high degree of waterproofing. The cables and cabinets are waterproofed during production. Therefore, the requirements for the cabinet structure itself are Differences.

3. Viewing distance limitation.

The P4.81 indoor LED display requires a short viewing distance, and the models are generally P3, P4, P5, P6, so the area is generally small, within 15 square meters, while the outdoor LED display requires a longer viewing distance, and the model is generally P10, P16, P20, so it is determined that its area is larger, generally more than 30 squares.
P4.81 Use of indoor LED display in indoor meeting room.

P4.81 Reasons why indoor LED display cannot be changed to outdoor LED display:

1. P4.81 The brightness of the indoor LED display.

Indoor LED display has soft light and is not as dazzling as outdoors, so the brightness requirement of indoor LED display is not very high. This circuit uses a dynamic scanning circuit, and the outdoor led display has strong light, so the requirements for the led display are relatively high, and its circuit uses a static circuit. The two differences are very big. The power is to save costs, and the number of driver chips used outdoors and indoors is quite different.

2. P4.81 The water resistance of indoor LED display is lower than that of outdoor LED display.

P4.81 indoor LED displays simply deal with the waterproof performance, and some indoor LED displays are not equipped with waterproof rubber sleeves at all, and outdoor LED displays have particularly high waterproof performance. Now the outdoor LED display is completely waterproof, which means that our full-color LED display can operate as usual even if it is placed in water. So the outdoor and indoor boxes here are directly a structural problem.

3. The viewing distance of P4.81 indoor LED display is relatively small.

The spacing is small, and the space is generally small, with an area of ​​about 15 to 30 square meters, while the outdoor LED display is often more than 30 square meters.

4. P4.81 indoor LED display viewing distance is different indoors and outdoors.

There is a more scientific and specific method, that is to use the density of lamp beads per square to calculate, for example, the point density of P10 is 10000 Point/square, the distance is equal to 1400 divided by (square root of the point density). For example, P10 is 1400/10000 square root = 1400/100=14 meters, that is, the distance to observe the P10 display is 14 meters away.
P4.81 indoor LED display is used in outdoor billboards.

If it is determined that P4.81 indoor LED display is needed, consider using indoor modules, which need to be configured according to the indoor LED display plan, such as no lightning protection, no waterproofing, etc. The cost is lower.

P4.81 Indoor LED display and outdoor LED display are different in brightness, waterproof treatment, and model selection, resulting in different raw materials, accessories, cabinets and other hardware at the beginning of production. The gains will outweigh the losses, so manufacturers will suggest not to change it casually. Therefore, it is basically impossible to replace the P4.81 indoor LED display with an outdoor display. In any aspect, it does not have the characteristics of an outdoor display, but in some specific outdoor environments, such as outdoor places with rain-shielding equipment.

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