Can the P4.81 LED display be used on the stage?

Aug 09,2021| LED Knowledge

The answer is yes. The stage P4.81 LED display used in the background of the stage is called the stage P4.81 LED display. The stage P4.81 LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media. The most intuitive and outstanding representative is the stage of the Spring Festival Gala in the past two years. The background we see is the applied stage P4.81 LED display. The scene is rich, the screen size is large, and the content is gorgeous, which can make people feel immersive in the scene. The stage P4.81 LED display used on the stage is the same as other stage LED displays. There are three main parts, the same installation methods and precautions.

The stage P4.81 LED display is mainly divided into three parts:

The main screen, the main screen is the display in the center of the stage. Most of the time, the P4.81 LED display is approximately square or rectangular in shape. Because of the importance of the content it displays, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. The display specifications currently used for the main screen are mainly P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5.

The secondary screen, it is the display screen used on both sides of the main screen. Its main function is to set off the main screen, so the content it displays is relatively abstract. Therefore, the models it uses are relatively large. The commonly used specifications are: P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, P16 and other models.

Video expansion screen, it is mainly used in relatively large-scale occasions, such as: large-scale concerts, singing and dancing concerts, etc. In these occasions, because the venue is relatively large, there are many places where it is impossible to clearly see the characters and effects on the stage, so one or two large screens are installed on the sides of these venues. The content is generally live broadcast on the stage. The commonly used specifications are similar to the main screen. LED displays of P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, and P5 are more commonly used.
The stage P4.81 LED screen performs performances in outdoor venues.

Three installation methods of stage P4.81 LED display:

Mosaic installation:

Indoors, it is suitable for small indoor screens. Due to the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, the same size area is dug out on the wall according to the size of the screen, and the LED display is embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be a solid wall. The cost of using the pre-maintenance method is relatively high. For outdoor installation, the built-in structure is suitable for the display screen project that has been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space for the display screen is reserved in advance during the construction of the civil engineering project. The actual installation only needs to make the steel structure of the display screen. It is embedded in the wall of the building, leaving enough space for maintenance on the back.

Wall-mounted installation:

It is mostly suitable for the installation of indoor LED display screens. The area is small (less than 10 square meters). The wall is required to be a solid wall. Hollow bricks or simple partition walls are not suitable for this installation method.
Outdoor construction of stage P4.81 LED display.

Hanging installation:

It is mostly suitable for large-scale places such as station LED electronic display screens and airport LED electronic display screens to play the role of indicating signs. The screen area is required to be small. (Below 10 square meters) It is required that there must be a suitable installation place, such as a beam or lintel above, and the screen body must be covered with a rear cover under normal circumstances. Ordinary mounting is suitable for single-box display with a total screen weight of less than 50kg. It can be directly hung on a load-bearing wall without reserving space for maintenance. The display box adopts a front maintenance design, and the display is lifted from the bottom during maintenance. That's it. Rack mounting is suitable for general outdoor display screens. Taking into account the difficulty of display screen maintenance, a steel structure is used between the screen body and the wall, and a maintenance space of 800mm is reserved. The space is equipped with horse tracks, ladders and other maintenance facilities. And install power distribution cabinets, air conditioners, axial fans, lighting and other auxiliary equipment.

In addition, the stage P4.81 LED display also has different construction methods:

Solution 1: Stage + LED large screen LED is heavier than other backplanes. All stages bear the weight and are stable and strong, so that safety can be ensured. The steel structure stage is safe, strong and stable. After using the large screen, the scene can be flexibly switched screens or play videos and materials as needed, making the stage background elements more colorful.

Solution 2: Stage + LED large screen + color screen LED large screen. After using the stage P4.81 LED display, the scene can flexibly switch the screen or play video and materials as needed, so that the stage background element content is more colorful. Event theme screens and videos , PPT, live broadcast, video interaction, and program material can be played in time on demand. The color screens on both sides play corresponding materials for each annual meeting performance program and link, making the atmosphere more active and more visually impactful.

Solution 3: Stage + T-shaped stage + round stage + LED large screen + color screen.The addition of T-shaped stage and round stage makes the stage more in-depth and three-dimensional, which shortens the distance from the audience and facilitates interaction. It is convenient to incorporate some show performances of T-Taiwan show in the performance.
The use of stage P4.81 LED display in indoor stage.

Due to the special use environment of the stage P4.81 LED display, in addition to product quality and specifications, there are several points to note:

Control equipment: mainly composed of control system card, splicing video processor, video matrix, audio mixer and power supply system, etc. It is best to be compatible with multiple signal source inputs, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPBPr , HDMI, SDI, DP, etc., can play video, graphic and image programs at will, and broadcast all kinds of information in real-time, synchronized, and clear information dissemination;

The adjustment of the color and brightness of the screen body should be convenient and quick, so that the screen body can show delicate and lifelike color performance quickly according to the needs;

Convenient and quick disassembly and assembly operations;

Complete after-sales service system, including installation, commissioning, warranty, 24-hour technical consultation, etc.; as a stage background.

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