Is the usage rate of LED floor tile screens high in the United States?

Aug 11,2021| LED Knowledge

The answer is yes. In the United States, LED floor tiles are a popular product and are widely used in shopping malls, scenic spots, playgrounds, starry sky pavilions, science and technology museums, bars, KTVs, pedestrian streets, glass planks, stages, studios and other places in the United States. Let's find out the reasons, right?

The LED floor tile screen is undergoing aging test.

The LED floor tile screen, also called 3D smart floor, floor display, and floor screen, is a new type of digital display device. It uses a special process on the basis of the traditional LED display to make it stronger and allow people to step on it at will No problem.

After testing, driving in a private car is still intact and can still be used normally. We can see that the bearing capacity of the LED floor tile screen is very resistant to external damage. This remarkable feature makes it destined to have extraordinary achievements. It is also a kind of display screen specially used on the ground, which can realize that when multiple people step on at the same time, the screen will produce various interesting special effects, such as broken glass, waves hitting the shore, flowers on the soles of the feet, fish walking, and even playing Playing football, cutting fruits and other games! Very fun, children and adults can't help but want to experience it. LED floor tile screens are launched in every region and have extremely high popularity, attracting a large number of people to experience it, becoming a veritable "two" Eliminate items".

What function can the LED floor tile screen play in the United States?

1. Attract attention and increase the flow of people:

Because the floor tile screen is interactive and colorful, it can gather some people together in a very short time, attract the attention of the masses, and increase the flow of people in some shopping malls, amusement parks and other places.


The use of LED floor tiles in shopping malls.

Improve purchasing power:

In places such as shopping malls and amusement parks, the use of floor tiles and screens for playback and interactivity can indirectly drive people's consumption and increase purchasing power.

Enhance the stage viewing effect:

Floor tile screens can give viewers a strong sense of viewing and experience on the stage or in some performance venues.

Increase interest in entertainment:

The floor tile screen is equipped with sensor equipment, and with the help of infrared induction, it can present different pictures with the activities of the human body, such as playing with fish, running track, and step by step lotus. It also increases the entertainment interest when experiencing the characteristics of the floor tile screen. .

Landmark function:

It is not only an auxiliary in urban construction, but also a symbolic symbol of some landmark buildings.

The LED floor tile screen is used in the American Aquarium.

In addition, the LED floor tile screen has the following characteristics, making it very popular in the United States.

Fast and flexible installation: direct installation without tools or rail installation can be used;

High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, the high load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5 tons per square meter;

Excellent maintenance performance: can be directly exchanged without dismantling adjacent boxes;

High-contrast design: technically designed mask, clear playback effect;

Outstanding low-brightness and high-gray effects, uniform grayscale display and good consistency.

When buying an LED floor tile screen in the United States, you need to know the precautions of the LED floor tile screen:

1. Clarify your needs. There are many models and specifications of LED floor tiles, and it also supports personalized customization of different sizes and parameters. After getting a reasonable product quotation, you can proceed to the next step. In addition, LED floor tile screens of each specification and color meet the needs of specific different scenes and different environments due to their unique performance. The different colors of different floor tile screens can render different environmental atmospheres. In addition, we provide professional LED floor tile screen manufacturers will provide corresponding professional customized services of floor tile screens according to special needs to meet customer project needs. Therefore, when choosing LED floor tile screens, different specifications and colors can be selected according to specific usage scenarios.

2. Clear your budget. The price of different configurations is different. We set the configuration according to our own usage scenarios and budget. The most suitable one is just fine. Generally, the cost of LED floor tiles is not low.

3. Choose according to performance. Different brands of LED floor tile screens have different price standards, but their actual performance determines the price standard of the product. LED floor tile screens with stable performance have a relatively long service life. The supply of professional LED floor tile screens can guarantee the performance, so in Before choosing the LED floor tile screen, you can choose according to the actual performance.

4. Comprehensive comparison, choose the best. LED floor tile screen is a project project, the cost is relatively high, the use cycle is relatively long, involving the price of LED floor tile screen, product quality, design plan, construction, technology, after-sales service and other dimensions, comprehensive selection can bring you greater Advantage.

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