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Aug 24,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development of urban economy and the continuous development of various commercial advertisements and video advertisements, outdoor display screens have become a very critical technology application. However, because the outdoor display screen occupies a relatively large area, the traditional non-see-through outdoor display screen will hinder the normal influence of natural light on buildings and residential buildings during use. Therefore, in order to solve this problem and improve the utilization effect of LED display screens, a see-through LED display screen technology was developed and gradually applied to practice, and very good feedback was obtained.

Disadvantages of traditional LED display:

With the continuous development of the city's economic level, outdoor display screens have increasingly attracted people's attention and use. Through the use of outdoor display screens, a certain advertised effect and purpose can be achieved, but at the same time, because of the colorful outdoor LED display screens, in the process of use, people often follow the style and color of the building. The installation and construction of LED display screens have improved the overall layout of the building to a certain extent. However, compared with the new see-through LED display, the traditional display shows its two main drawbacks during use, which are not conducive to improving the quality and use effect of the LED display. First of all, the waterproof effect of the traditional LED display is not good enough. The outdoor display needs to be connected to the power supply during use.

When the power is turned on, if the waterproof treatment is not effectively done, it is easy to cause Short-circuit, and then burn the LED tube. Secondly, the traditional LED display screen does not have a certain perspective effect due to the installation of the module and the installation process of the module during the use process, which seriously affects the use effect of the LED to a certain extent. For many outdoor buildings, natural light is a very good source of energy and the basis for building functions. If the outdoor LED display is difficult to meet a certain perspective effect, it is very easy to affect the use of natural light in the building, resulting in an increase in building energy consumption, which is not conducive to sustainable development.

In addition, during the use of the LED display screen, if it does not have a certain perspective effect, it will also affect its installation and use in buildings. With the continuous improvement of people's living needs and living standards, the market demand for see-through LED displays is huge. Of course, the technical standards of this new type of LED see-through displays are relatively high.

see-through LED display technology and Transparent LED display

Technical standards of see-through LED display:

The technical standard of this see-through LED display is relatively high. In the process of its design and installation, it is necessary to pay attention to a certain degree of science, and it is necessary to continuously improve its safety performance and installation quality. Only in this way can it be comprehensively improved. Effect. This see-through LED display is a strip-shaped surface-mounted LED display device. It is installed on a column with a control circuit inside to form a certain installation structure, and then this structure realizes its movement through automatic connection. The left and right ends of part of the mold bar can be positioned and locked to form an outdoor grating surface-mounted LED display with light transmission function.

1. The basic part of the new display screen: In this new type of LED display screen, the mold bar is the core part and the basic part. Only by improving the installation quality of this part can the LED display screen have a certain perspective function and effect. . This part is also divided into different sub-parts during the specific installation process. The first is the housing part. In the LED display, the housing is the core and key. The housing is the prototype of the entire structure. Generally, the LED display The material of this basic part is aluminum alloy material, which is mainly used for the strong corrosion resistance and waterproof performance of this material.

After installing the shell, it is necessary to perform certain installation and construction operations on the shell according to the layout of the LED tube. Generally, it is a drilling operation, and some lamps and appliances are fixed by the drilling operation. In the substrate installation, it is necessary to set corresponding plugs at both ends according to the actual situation. The plugs are mainly used to install the lamp tube and fixed wire ropes. After the wire ropes are pulled out of the plugs, certain plugs need to be Sealed treatment. However, due to different usage models, in the use of plugs, some LED installations need to use plugs, and some LED installations do not need to use plugs.

This needs to be determined according to the actual situation. In the process of installing the lamp tube, it is also necessary to carry out a certain support treatment on the lamp tube to reduce the damage of the lamp tube and prolong the use time of the lamp tube. In order to improve a certain light transmission effect, the distance between different light bars should be maintained between 0.1 cm and 0.25 cm, and the control panel is also needed to realize the control of the signal, so as to meet the perspective effect and improve the building The use of natural light by objects.

2. The installation and design of the column part: In the new LED display, this part is also a very critical part. The installation quality and installation effect of this part also affect the natural lighting of the building, and also affect the perspective effect of the LED. In practice, the components of this part are diversified and complicated. During the installation process, scientific installation should be carried out according to the different attributes of the connection bar. At the same time, because this part is the core part of the outdoor display screen, through the scientific installation of accessories with different attributes, it can ensure that the installation work can be carried out quickly during the construction process.

At the same time, the removal effect can also be improved when the LED display screen is removed. Avoid excessive residues and increase construction waste. Therefore, in the process of column installation, scientific and reasonable installation should be based on different connecting strips, guide pins, locking pins, etc., to ensure the fit and tightness of the various components of the column, and comprehensively improve the use of LEDs.

3. Positioning and locking device: During the use of outdoor LED display, in order to effectively avoid the installation gap between different light bars, and to avoid large gaps between the base module and the wall, etc., install it During the construction process, certain positioning and locking settings are also required, and the installation quality of the outdoor light-transmitting display screen is optimized through the positioning and locking design. In the actual installation process, a certain positioning design is carried out at the bottom of the base, and the keyhole control is carried out at the left and right ends, and a certain sliding keyhole control is carried out in the middle part to improve the installation quality and stability of the entire module. At the same time, in order to avoid the impact of precipitation on the LED display, during the installation process, it is necessary to seal the overall structure to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the LED and affecting the overall quality of the outdoor display.

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