Structure Design of Cast Aluminum Box for LED Display

Aug 24,2021| LED Knowledge

At present, LED display screens are popular in domestic and foreign markets, especially in industries such as advertising, stage background, and rental. For the connection method, the basic categories of the box can be divided into: iron box, aluminum box and die-cast aluminum box, etc.

LED display screens are mainly used in large-scale outdoor information advertising screens and stage backgrounds. The instant dynamic display on the stage and the construction of a gorgeous background increase and enrich the elements on the stage. The LED display cabinet has been developed in recent years, from the original sheet metal cabinet to the die-cast aluminum cabinet, the weight has become lighter and lighter, the structure has become more and more reasonable, and the accuracy has become higher.

Basically, seamless splicing can be achieved. The latest die-cast aluminum box is not only a simplified upgrade based on the traditional display box,but also has been fully optimized and updated in terms of structure and performance. It adopts a special compact die-cast aluminum display box with splicing The precision is very high,and the disassembly and maintenance are very convenient.

P3.91 LED display die-cast aluminum cabinet

Overview of LED display die-cast aluminum box:

The die-casting aluminum box is formed by applying external pressure from the mold. The flatness of the box body is sufficiently guaranteed, and the tolerance range is effectively controlled, which basically solves the problem of box body joints;

Through the humanized design, the installation is more convenient and lighter, and the seam of the box body and the connection of the connecting line become more reliable;

The weight is light and the hoisting structure is adopted, which makes the installation more convenient and firmer;

Use high-protection power connectors for connection, which is more safe and reliable;

The signal and power connections between the boxes are connected in a concealed manner, and no traces of the connecting wires can be seen after installation;

In addition, black light can be used for mounting, the contrast will become very strong, the color will become softer, and the consistency of the white balance will become better;

When the screen is not bright, the appearance of the whole screen will look more beautiful.

The components of the structure design of the cast aluminum box of the LED display screen:

Each cast aluminum box is equivalent to a module, that is, a unit screen. The cast aluminum box can be used as a separate box. The display area will be more than 4 times the display area of ​​the module, and the module cannot be used as a separate module. The box body is used, and is relatively small compared to the display area of ​​the cast aluminum box. The components of the cast aluminum box include the mask, the light board (also can include the module) and the die-cast aluminum box (equivalent to the module bottom shell) and Back cover (aluminum plate).

The forming process of the structure design of the LED display cast aluminum box:

The raw materials of the die-cast aluminum box are aluminum ingots (purity around 92%) and alloy materials, which are melted in the furnace, injected into the mold cavity, and then die-casted by a die-casting machine and then formed. Its hardness and strength are relatively high, and it can also be mixed with zinc to program zinc-aluminum alloy. There are three steps in the processing process here: die-casting, rough polishing to remove the remaining material from the mold, and fine polishing.

The structure of the LED display cast aluminum box:

Signal processing: The RTF series products use half of the signal technology, and the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the product display function. Half of the signal skills are selected, and the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the product display function;

Mask: Use a patented technology mask. The back of the mask is assembled with a buckle fastening. It can easily protect the LED light. The fastening screws are not visible on the front of the mask. The appearance of the screen is good. When the screen is lit, there is no light leakage due to screws. Bright spot

Modules: use large modules, each box has only 4 modules, reduce internal connections and improve product stability;

There is no need to open the box, and the display module can be directly disassembled from the back of the box;

Back cover: Remove 4 screws and remove the back cover to protect and replace the power supply and receiving card;

Heat sink: Use aluminum bottom plate instead of traditional plastic bottom shell, which improves the heat dissipation function of the product while ensuring flatness;

IC and driver: High rewrite frequency, high grayscale, high rewrite frequency and high grayscale 16384 grayscale products use high-end constant current drive chips with built-in PWM.

More and more LED display screens use die-cast aluminum cabinets. This is because die-cast aluminum cabinets are more and more popular. People's quality of life is constantly improving, social science and technology are constantly being updated, and more and more advanced skills are growing. The LED display industry has lived up to expectations and paid more and more attention to user experience. LED display screens are mostly suitable for outdoor advertising and large stage rentals, so people will come up with more and more sophisticated LED display cabinets. This led to the emergence of cast aluminum boxes for LED displays in recent years, and its characteristics are becoming more and more obvious.
Cast Aluminum Box for LED Display

Features of the structure design of the LED display cast aluminum box:

Lightweight: The weight is only 8kg, which can be carried by a single person, making it extremely easy to install;

Thin: The box body is made of die-cast aluminum, which has high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform, which is labor-saving for transportation;

Fine: The size is accurate to 0.1mm for electromechanical processing;

Compatibility: New structural planning to meet hoisting and stacking requirements, and to meet indoor and outdoor requirements;

Fast: The box body adopts a quick locking mechanism for the connection of the top and bottom, left and right, and a box device can be completed in 10 seconds, with high device accuracy;

Reliable: high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation.

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