What scenes can the P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display be used under?

Aug 31,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development and improvement of LED technology, indoor LED high-definition displays, especially P1.875 indoor LED high-definition displays, are characterized by seamless splicing, low brightness and high gray, high refresh rate, ultra-high definition, low energy consumption, long life, etc. Many features that conform to market demand and the advantages of energy-saving economic development.

At present, P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display has been widely used in: power production dispatching control center, military command and control center, urban management emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television display and monitoring system, Shopping malls, hotels, communication information display systems, financial securities information display systems, government-enterprise multimedia video conference display systems, mining safety production monitoring systems, urban environmental monitoring and command systems, fire control, meteorology, and maritime flood control command systems, airports and subway flight display systems, A wide range of fields such as security monitoring systems.

Specific application scenarios of P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display:

1. Security monitoring: With features such as seamless joints, good color performance, and low energy consumption, the P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display can meet the requirements of dispatching command centers, command and control centers, studios, and meteorological information with higher image quality requirements. The needs of high-end indoor applications such as centers;

2. Exhibition stage market:

(1) Stage:

The P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display makes the performance stage brilliant and dynamic, and at the same time allows remote audiences to watch the stage, adding color to the performance. And with the increasing number of small-scale performances and large-scale concerts, LED displays will also have a broad market.

(2) Hotel lease:

In recent years, there has been an obvious trend in the hotel industry, that is, more and more conferences, so the P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display rental market has also become popular, and even some star-rated hotels consider installing fixed LED displays.

(3)Bar & KTV:

The application of P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display in the bar, from the initial simple design to the perfect fit of the stage and lighting of the LED display, to the popularity of various special-shaped screens, has become a market segment that cannot be ignored.

(4) Amusement park:

With the booming tourism industry, public playgrounds such as theme parks and amusement parks have also begun to use P1.875 indoor LED high-definition displays as devices for displaying various information, so it is expected to become the first choice for display devices in these places.

3. Business education: P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display can also meet the needs of various commercial fields, such as corporate meeting rooms, chairman's office, network video conferences, etc., and can replace projectors to create a bright office environment. Rich electronic whiteboard supporting functions can also meet the information presentation needs of various schools and educational institutions;

4. Household field: The improvement of the fineness of the picture will make the indoor application of the P1.875 indoor LED high-definition display possible. The LED TV based on the small-pitch LED display technology will also enter the family living room field and now occupy a dominant position. LCD TVs, projectors and other equipment challenged. It is especially suitable for high-end home audio-visual choices such as villas.

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