With so many outdoor LED full-color display models, how should I choose?

Sep 01,2021| LED Knowledge

With the improvement of LED display technology, people’s understanding of LED displays has gradually changed. The most notable point is that many users do not blindly pursue prices, but choose one for themselves through multiple aspects and screening. Suitable LED display products.

LED display products are divided into indoor and outdoor, especially on some high-rise buildings, you can often see hundreds of square meters of LED display on the side of the building showing beautiful effects. With so many LED displays used in outdoor advertising, how can you find a product that suits you? Let's take a look below.

Nowadays, LED products are emerging in endlessly, and the types are also various, but generally speaking, as long as they are used for outdoor LED full-color display screens, the display point spacing is relatively large. In the previous two years, the usual models of outdoor screens were P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, but now, as the research and development capabilities of each display company have improved, any display screen needs to take corresponding waterproof measures. Can be used outdoors.

For example, some high-rise buildings usually use P6, P8 or P10 with higher dot pitch.

For some LED advertising screens, LED light boxes, etc., which are relatively small in size and relatively small in viewing distance, you can choose the LED model with the best viewing effect according to the actual situation. To sum up, it is nothing more than the following two points:

1. According to the area

The playback area is less than 20 square meters, and it is recommended to use the high-definition refresh outdoor screen between P2.5-P5. For an area between 20 and 30 square meters, it is recommended to use a full-color LED display between P5-P10. The area is between 30-100 square meters and the viewing distance is 10 meters away. It is recommended to use a large LED screen between P10-P16. .

2. According to the distance

We all know that P almost represents the pixel pitch, and the value behind P mainly refers to the distance between the pixels of the display module, which is usually called the pixel pitch in the LED industry. And the smaller the value of the dot pitch, the higher the unit pixel, and the clearer the display picture of the LED full-color display screen, and the more suitable for close viewing. Therefore, for the LED outdoor display, if the distance is relatively close, it is recommended to use the P2.5 to P12, if it is farther, use the or P15, and if it is farther, use the display between P16-P25.

If the area is ≥100 square meters, and the viewing distance is beyond 30M, it is recommended to use a full-color LED display with P16 or higher. Because the LED full-color display above P16 is suitable for customers who do not require high definition, and the area of ​​the LED full-color display is relatively large, it can display simple images and videos in the distance.

In addition, the point to be made clear is: the longer the viewing distance, the larger the screen area. If the definition of the LED full-color display is relatively low, you can choose the LED full-color display with a large dot pitch.

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