5G Internet of Things, how JYLED small-pitch LED high-definition displays can show their talents

Sep 13,2021| LED Knowledge

In the era of big data, people speak not only with facts, but also with data. In the acquisition, storage, sharing and analysis of data, data visualization is particularly important. This time, in the face of the sudden new type of coronavirus epidemic, the large LED visual display screen has become the "most powerful brain" for epidemic prevention and control, and has shown great power in the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control. Through the display of LED displays, the big data of the epidemic can be focused in front of people.

As a pioneer in mainland China, JYLED has been deeply involved in the field of data visualization for many years. JYLED small-pitch LED high-definition displays rely on ultra-high-definition display, 7×24 hours real-time collection, monitoring analysis and visual presentation, energy saving and environmental protection, spot supply, local The advantages of integrated services are widely used in big data exhibition centers, smart city construction exhibition halls, monitoring command centers of various government and enterprise units, and so on.
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JYLED small-pitch LED high-definition display is used for the following characteristics

No.1: High-definition, high-brush, fine visual presentation

In the face of massive amounts of data, ultra-high-definition, fine-grained visualization can ensure that every detail is not missed, and the information can be grasped more comprehensively and accurately. JYLED's small-pitch LED large screen, high-definition high-resolution, nanosecond response speed, can accurately, clearly and quickly respond to the picture, easily cope with the rapid changes in various situations, allowing the commander to better observe the situation and make decisions.

No.2: Any terminal can be directly connected, flexible and efficient monitoring and analysis

Any terminal can be directly connected to the large LED screen through the corresponding line (network, HDMI line, wireless network, etc.) to efficiently realize data visualization, access and dispatch of various complex signals, multi-screen split-screen display, and make various big data flexible and convenient The ground is displayed on a comprehensive information interface to realize information sharing, unified command and dispatch, and release more flexibility and operability.
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No.3: High stability, support 7×24 hours continuous collection

JYLED small-pitch LED display has uniform light mixing and stable performance. After 100% aging test and multiple reliability guarantee tests, it has a long life; it has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, strong moisture resistance, and high reliability. It supports 7×24 hours of uninterrupted continuous collection Work to ensure the accurate, clear and stable presentation of big data, and to track the latest developments.

No.4: Energy saving and emission reduction, low noise, low heat dissipation

The small pitch of JYLEDQ Pro and S has been upgraded with PWM-SS dynamic energy-saving driver IC. Based on the high-definition and high-brush performance, it can achieve low-voltage startup, dynamic screen display, energy-saving and cooling, etc., and the overall energy saving is as high as 30-45%.

No.5: Spot supply, localized and faster service experience

JYLED small-pitch products are sold in large batches all over the country, and users have urgent orders, and they are available immediately; with the localization service team of more than 120 provincial brand operators and 15,000 brand service providers across the country, they can respond quickly, Fast delivery and enjoy a faster service experience.

In the future, with the accelerated development of 5G interconnection, Internet of Things, and smart cities, big data visualization applications will usher in a wider range of applications. JYLED will closely follow customer needs and continue to implement technological innovations, so that small-pitch LED displays can be used in more data visualization scenarios and create more social value. Spot supply + brand guarantee + localization service team, there is demand for JYLED offices across the country, provincial brand operators, and brand operators!

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