What performance does the security monitoring LED display need to have

Sep 14,2021| LED Knowledge

For the security monitoring system, the LED display system has become an important front-end display device. However, if you want to achieve high-quality monitoring effects, it is obviously indispensable to choose a suitable large LED display screen. So what basic system performance should a large LED screen meet the needs?


For the definition and resolution, it is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of our choice of LED display. Devices with higher resolutions naturally receive more attention. In the current front-end monitoring system, it generally includes D1, H.264, 720P, 1080I, 1080P and other formats of video signals. However, as a back-end signal output product, it has strict requirements on various resolutions. Not all of them are on the market. Our large-screen products can support the video signals in the above several formats. Therefore, before we purchase the equipment, we must select the resolution distribution according to our needs. It is neither redundant nor overpowered by the equipment.

Color reproduction and grayscale requirements

Friends who are familiar with security know that color reproduction is an indispensable and important function for us to ensure the effect of high-definition surveillance. However, in addition to this, the grayscale of LED large-screen display devices is also one of the easiest and least neglected options.

In our usual measurement of equipment performance, we often use color cards to measure the display effect of the equipment. Of course, in addition to this way of viewing, the grayscale meters on both sides of the resolution card are also an important tool to reflect color reproduction. For this part of the link, we can better grasp the LED display device for detailed identification of the color of some objects with less difference, so as to more comprehensively grasp the working condition of the device.
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The distinction of contrast

For display devices, the higher the contrast, the stronger the image hierarchy. Nowadays, large LED screens on the market generally have a contrast ratio of more than 1000:1. The contrast is generally difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and needs to be detected by professional tools.

The viewing angle cannot be ignored

In addition to its own performance, we also want to remind everyone to pay attention to another viewing angle. The viewing angle, as a non-negligible part of the large LED screen in the security industry, will affect the image viewing effect, and even produce blind spots for visual viewing. There are many large-screen products on the market that use ordinary civilian LCD screens to act as security LCD monitors, with extremely poor viewing angles. The DLP non-splicing large screen adopts a high-definition precision optical large screen, and the viewing angle can achieve double 170 degrees or more, which basically achieves the effect of absolute viewing angle.
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The above is the knowledge that needs to be paid attention to when buying large LED display equipment. As an important part of monitoring display equipment, the large LED display screen plays a decisive role in the performance of our performance. Therefore, if you have a good grasp of the choice of a large screen, your system configuration may be half the battle.

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