What are the fire prevention knowledge of full-color LED display?

Sep 15,2021| LED Knowledge

Full-color LED display, its structure includes external display, internal wiring, plastic kit, external protection, etc. Because of the complexity of its structure, and if the screen is large, the heat emitted is also very large. If you do not pay attention to it, every link has the possibility of causing a fire, so there is a lot of work in the fire protection of the product. We need to be prepared, let’s take a look at the fire prevention knowledge of full-color LED displays, and hope to help everyone.

1. Wire quality: In most full-color LED display applications, the larger the unit area of ​​the display, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the requirements for the stability of the wire. Among many wire products, the use of wires that meet the requirements of the national standard can ensure their safety and stability. There are three requirements: the core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the core is within the standard range, and the rubber covering the core is insulated. The performance and flame retardancy meet the standard. Compared with the general copper-clad aluminum core, the core cross-sectional area is too small, and the insulation rubber grade is not enough, the electrical performance is more stable, and the short circuit is not prone to occur.
Installation of LED display requires professional guidance and arrangement

2. Power quality: UL-certified power products are the best choice for purchasing full-color LED display power supplies. Its effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power supply load, and it can work normally in the hot external environment. . In addition, the UL-certified power supply is slightly waterproof, which can avoid short circuit problems caused by high weather and humidity.
G-Energy N300V5-A LED power supply

3. Full-color LED display exterior protective structure material: Most of the LED display products with higher fire rating on the market are made of fireproof aluminum-plastic panels, which have excellent fire resistance, strong fire and flame retardancy, and oxygen aging of special materials for core materials. The performance is also very strong, melting point temperature 135℃, decomposition temperature ≥300℃, environmental protection performance, low smoke and halogen free, in line with SGS flame retardancy B-S1, d0, t0, reference use standard UL94, GB/8624-2006.

The aluminum-plastic panels of general outdoor LED display screens age quickly with high temperature, rain, cold and heat impact, so that in the humid climate season, rain and dew will easily penetrate into the screen body and cause short circuit of electronic components and cause fires. Therefore, when installing Try to use fireproof aluminum-plastic panels with a higher fire rating for the display screen.

4. Plastic kit: The full-color LED display plastic kit is mainly the material used for the bottom shell of the unit module mask. The main raw material used is PC+glass fiber material with flame-retardant function, which not only has flame-retardant function, but also does not deform or become brittle and cracked under high and low temperature and long-term use. At the same time, it can be used in combination with glue with better sealing performance. , It can effectively prevent rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and cause a short circuit to cause a fire.

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