What scenes in schools can use P1.875 small-pitch LED display?

Sep 16,2021| LED Knowledge

The full-color P1.875 small-pitch LED display has been widely used in the market due to its clear picture, uniform color and high brightness. At present, many schools have also begun to use such LED display screens for some publicity, so what are the application scenarios of full-color LED display screens in schools? Let's take a look below.

Application scenarios of P1.875 small-pitch LED display in schools

1. Publicity application at the school gate

Full-color LED display screens are used in campuses. The advertising screen at the school gate is the most intuitive and an important window that directly reflects the spirit of the school and displays its image. In school applications, the requirements for this type of full-color LED display are relatively high. High precision and high color rendering index are required. This kind of full-color LED display screen is generally set at the most conspicuous position at the school gate, real-time playing the latest developments of the school, as well as the school's school philosophy, purpose, school motto, etc. This has played a very important role in building the corporate image. However, the setting of the full-color LED display at the school gate should not affect the overall style of the campus, and should be integrated and coordinated with the campus.

Outdoor P6 LED display in the school

2. Application of campus bulletin board

The school’s full-color LED display mainly displays campus news, school memorabilia, publicity of school celebrations and activities, various notices, etc., which are used to replace traditional posting notices, banner notices, etc. The full-color LED display has a very obvious role in the bulletin board on campus, and its advantages are also very prominent, replacing the traditional posted notice. The full-color LED display can achieve smooth playback, and the information display is more convenient. The publicity method with pictures and texts also impresses the students, and its publicity effect is obvious. The campus bulletin board should be set up in places where teachers and students are concentrated, such as the campus square, the lobby on the first floor of the teaching building, and the lobby on the first floor of the office building, which is conducive to the more timely and rapid dissemination of information.
P3 Wave LED Screen Display In One Shenzhen School

3. Full-color LED display in stadiums

The application of full-color LED display in sports venues needs to be more professional. Due to the professionalism of sports venues and the particularity of the application, the requirements for full-color LED displays have also increased accordingly. Because the application frequency of full-color LED display in stadiums is not high, it is generally only used for important large-scale events or activities, and once it is enabled, it is very crowded. For the safety of full-color LED display Sexual requirements are higher. The full-color LED display screen can display the timing and scoring of the game in real time in the stadium; in addition, when the event is held, it must be able to achieve real-time broadcast.

4. Full-color LED display in the library

This kind of full-color LED display is generally set in the lobby on the first floor of the library to display floor distribution, borrowing guides, precautions, new book recommendations and introductions, etc., helping students to more intuitively understand the basic situation of the library. The display methods are mainly text, animation, and static pictures.

5. Canteen full-color LED display

It is mainly used to display the price of dishes of the day, new dishes, service information, and holiday greetings. The canteen is generally a place where the flow of people is very concentrated. Some videos and images about diligence and thrift are played on the canteen’s display screen to reduce waste and improve the quality of meals for students, which plays a great role in advocating civilized dining.

A school is an area with a dense flow of people and a concentration of students. It is the responsibility of the school to protect the personal safety of students. The full-color LED display installed in the school must ensure its safety, and ensure that it has good waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-leakage performance, especially the full-color LED display installed in the gymnasium, because it is suspended Placement must ensure tightness and safety performance to prevent accidents from falling advertising screens.

In addition, full-color LED display fires are also a very common safety hazard. Whether it is a full-color LED display manufacturer or a school, it is responsible for the quality and safety of the full-color LED display. To ensure the safety of students' lives and property.

The above is the application of full-color P1.875 small-pitch LED display in schools. As a professional LED display manufacturer, I tell you that the application of full-color LED display in schools is becoming more and more popular, and its good publicity effect and fast Convenient information transmission has been favored by more and more schools, and setting up full-color LED displays in schools has also become a trend and trend.

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