Four type full-color LED displays with full sense of science and technology

Sep 17,2021| LED Knowledge

As a new industry, full-color LED display has been widely used in various fields. With the advancement of full-color LED display technology, the current LED display has been made superbly in terms of spacing and shape. It can completely replace projection equipment.

The original flat LED screen has now been expanded to three-dimensional curved surfaces (such as spherical screens, polyhedral screens and sky screens, etc.), arc-shaped, irregular, and strip-shaped. The original heavy box is reflected in the city. It is already light and easy to carry. It can be seen that full-color LED display companies are working hard in this industry.

As a well-known company for full-color LED displays, JYLED will give you a brief introduction to the four high-tech displays.

1. Small pitch display

Small-pitch LED display refers to indoor full-color LED display with LED dot pitch below P2.5, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5, etc. Color LED display products. The biggest advantage of the indoor high-density small-pitch LED display is that the display is completely seamless and the display colors are natural and true.
Small pitch display

At the same time, in terms of post-maintenance, we already have a mature point-by-point calibration technology. After using the display screen for more than one or two years, the instrument can be used to perform a one-time calibration of the entire screen. The operation process is simple and the effect is very good.

2. Special-shaped display

Features and advantages: The emergence of special-shaped full-color LED displays breaks that the large-screen splicing system can only be spliced ​​into a cold rectangular shape, and it can be spliced ​​into various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content. At the same time, it can attract the attention of the audience to achieve a better publicity effect, and at the same time, it also better expands the application range of full-color LED display splicing.
Special-shaped display

The general classifications are: three-dimensional curved surface (such as spherical screen, polyhedral screen and sky screen, etc.), arc shape, irregular shape, and strip screen shape. Special shaped screens such as: LED spherical screen (LED spherical screen, triangular spherical screen, six-sided panoramic spherical screen), LED signs (assembled by special LED modules of different specifications, and are not limited by the size of the screen.

It can be flexibly assembled into any text, graphics and LOGO required by customers), LED human face screen (constituted with soft and flexible full-color LED displays with different series of different dot pitches, which vividly depict the facial features of the human face), LED Inner arc screen (encloses the audience 360° with the display screen, and the audience can stand in the center of the venue and watch it freely, which can form a 360° panoramic screen), LED DJ station, LED can screen.

3. Transparent display

Features and advantages: The transparent display screen can be as transparent as glass, while maintaining transparency, it can also ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture. Therefore, the transparent screen interactive display device can not only allow users to watch behind the screen through the screen at close range. The exhibits also allow users to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display. It is very suitable for shopping malls to display jewellery and various high-end commodities, and for the museum industry to display some cultural relics.
transparent LED Display

4. Smart display

Features and advantages: LED smart display is actually the combination of display and the Internet to realize clustered remote publishing, remote control, and remote monitoring. The scale of these clustered full-color LED displays has dozens or hundreds of , Even up to thousands of dollars. When there is a problem with the display, it will spontaneously and promptly alarm, and then analyze its own state, some problems can also be automatically repaired, etc., which reduces the workload of the engineer to a certain extent.

With the development of technology, the intelligence of the display screen will be further upgraded. Smart display screens not only display high-definition, smooth and dynamic pictures and videos, but also provide more functions and services for consumers to use and enjoy, and strengthen the interaction and personal experience with consumers.

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