What is the difference between fixed installation and stage rental LED display?

Sep 27,2021| LED Knowledge

We often hear the sales staff mention fixed installation and stage rental LED displays, so what is the difference between the two? Let's sort it out for everyone below.

1. Different selection

Because stage rental LED display screens require clearer screen playback effects, generally P3 and P4 models of high-definition LED display screens are used indoors, and some even use P2 and P1.875 with a smaller spacing, and P6 is used outdoors. As with P5 models, traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays do not require high viewing distance due to the low display requirements. P5 and P4 models are generally used indoors, and P6 is the most used outdoors, followed by P8.
p1.875 fixed installation LED display

2. Box difference

Because traditional outdoor LED display cabinets will be waterproofed, their structure will be heavier, while indoor ones will use simple cabinets. Rental LED displays usually use die-cast aluminum cabinets because the cabinets often need to be disassembled and moved.

We know that most of the installation methods of stage LED screens are ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. These two installation methods have very high requirements on the weight and safety of rental screens, because rental screens usually need to be stacked very high, and the method of hanging is used. Rental screens must be light and thin. At present, the joints of all die-cast aluminum boxes must be firm, reliable and easy to detect, to avoid potential threats caused by negligence in installation.
Renta LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre

Stage LED rental screens need to be transported by cars, ships or airplanes. During the transportation process, the corners may be bumped due to bumps. In order not to affect the use effect, the LED rental display needs to have a certain degree of resistance to damage. It can reduce the damage of electronic components caused by transportation and avoid affecting the normal use of the display screen.

3. Installation method

As mentioned earlier, because the bottom of the stage rental LED display has 4 wheels, it is not only convenient and quick to disassemble, it is also very convenient to set up the stage if it is to be transported to, but the traditional indoor and outdoor LED display The fixed installation method, after the installation position is fixed, it cannot be easily disassembled and moved. If it needs to be moved, it usually needs to be matched with a forklift with strong load-bearing capacity, otherwise it is difficult to move easily.

4. Quick replacement and repair

When the rental display has a partial display failure, the stage LED rental display must be partially removable, and it must be replaced quickly to ensure the normal performance of the performance. Although the fixed installation of the front maintenance LED display also has partial replacement, it needs to cooperate with related tools, and it takes a long time.

5. Different packaging

Stage LED rental displays are generally used, and can be packaged in a mobile sealed air box, while fixed-installed LED displays usually use wooden boxes. Therefore, the packaging cost of stage LED rental displays is slightly more expensive than fixed-installed LED displays packed in wooden boxes. Screen. Fixed installation LED display exported to the United States

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