What are the details to pay attention to when installing the LED screen?

Sep 29,2021| LED Knowledge

With the wide application and popularization of large LED screens, more and more streets and alleys are installed with LED displays. However, there are many detailed issues that have been neglected in the installation of large LED screens, so there are some hidden safety hazards, which may cause safety accidents in serious cases. So when installing the LED display, what details should be paid attention to? Let's take a look below.

1. There is a problem with the high brightness of the large LED screen or the height cannot be adjusted by itself due to the weather

If the LED display is installed next to the highway, if the brightness of the display is moderate and soft, the information displayed on it can bring certain travel convenience or information to pedestrians and vehicles, but if the brightness of the large LED screen installed on the side of the highway is too bright, It will make people feel very dazzling when looking at it. As a result, if the driver is dazzled, it may cause a traffic accident. Therefore, it is recommended that the LED display installed on the side of the road should be able to adjust its brightness according to the changes in the sky.
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Moreover, certain restrictions have been imposed on the LED display before leaving the factory. If the brightness is too high, it may also cause problems with the heat dissipation of the display. Therefore, it is not recommended that customers adjust the brightness of the LED display too high.

2, the steel structure to install the LED display is not strong enough and stable

The steel structure of the LED display must be strong and stable. The steel structure of the LED display must not only take into account factors such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and windy weather, and earthquake resistance, but also set the steel structure to a certain level. From a perspective, this not only ensures the stability and safety of the steel structure, but also does not affect the city's beautification effect. It also correctly disseminates the information, and businesses can also obtain advertising revenue from it. Steel structure is a very important part of load-bearing. The test brought by extreme weather to steel structure is a key consideration for manufacturers.

3, fire and lightning protection

The large LED screen is composed of a circuit board, a plastic bottom case and a mask. If the circuit board is short-circuited or the heat dissipation is not handled well, it will cause burning. Therefore, when producing large LED screens, fireproof materials must be used to prevent fire hazards. Therefore, the fireproof performance of the LED display material and the internal heat dissipation function of the screen are also important considerations.
Workers are installing LED displays

4. Moisture-proof

Humidity and fire sources have a huge impact on electronic products. In a humid environment, the circuit board lines are easily short-circuited, causing the screen to fail to display content normally, and it is more likely that the power supply will be burned due to the short-circuit. Therefore, better LED modules are generally painted with a layer of conformal paint when they leave the factory, so as to avoid damage to the entire screen due to water ingress into the circuit board on a certain basis. Then, when it is installed outdoors, it will not be completely exposed to the outside, but an edge treatment will be carried out on the LED display screen, which can prevent rainwater from directly entering the screen body and damaging the screen body.

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