What should I do after the outdoor full-color LED display gets water?

Sep 30,2021| LED Knowledge

Generally, outdoor full-color LED displays have a certain degree of water resistance, but it is not ruled out that some manufacturers use some inferior materials, which are vulnerable to rain. The majestic heavy rain is a major test for the waterproof function of outdoor full-color LED displays. If you accidentally use the LED displays provided by some inferior manufacturers, causing water to enter the outdoor full-color LED display, how should you deal with it? ? Now, JYLED will share with you the water treatment plan for outdoor full-color LED display!

1. After the water has entered, the first step is to disconnect the power supply to avoid short circuits caused by rain, and then use towels as quickly as possible to absorb a large amount of water. After less water remains, place it in a ventilated place to dry.
outdoor full-color LED display

2. After the screen body is dried, it needs to be further energized and aged. The specific operation steps are as follows:

Staged operation: When the screen is fully white and the brightness is 10%, the power-on aging time is generally 8 to 12 hours. Full white brightness is 30%, power aging time is 12 hours, full white brightness is 60%, power aging time is 12 to 24 hours, full white brightness is 80%, power aging time is 12 to 24 hours, full white brightness is 100%, the power-on aging time is 8 to 12 hours

3. After completing the above steps, if the LED module can still light up normally, there is basically no problem, but in the process of operation, you must pay special attention to the following points:

After the screen body enters water, the power must be cut off quickly. There are some news cases before that because of problems, they were too impatient and did not cut off the power immediately, which caused the LED display to burn out, and even people were electrocuted. Therefore, we must first cut off the power as quickly as possible, and must not delay time, and then do other things.
outdoor full-color LED display

Then it is not possible to directly put the flooded LED display module into the air box, which may cause damage to the LED lamp beads. Also check whether the loaded flight case has also been flooded. If the flooded full-color LED display screen is stored in the air box for more than 72 hours, there is basically no repair value, so it needs to be handled carefully.

The next step is to place the LED modules in the air box in a cool and ventilated place. After the moisture is dried, it is energized and aged. If the screen body is not handled in time after the water has entered, it may affect the stability of the screen body, and the phenomenon of dead lights may appear during the aging process.

The above is the emergency treatment plan after the full-color LED display is flooded. When we usually encounter problems with LED display screens, we should not act too hastily. The more anxious, the easier it is to make things worse. Instead, we should figure out a plan and plan and follow the corresponding steps to correct it.

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