What are the main application areas of full-color high-definition led display?

Oct 07,2021| LED Knowledge

LED display screens are developing very rapidly in our country, and the number of LED companies in our country is now rising linearly. The prospect of led is also generally optimistic. There are many application areas, which will surely realize huge profits for enterprises. The application of led display is mainly in some formal places. But it does not rule out the possibility of entering thousands of households in the future. So, what are the main application areas of full-color high-definition led display?

1. Stadium information display
The Game Winning Solution For LED Video Screens

The led display has replaced the traditional light bulb and CRT display. The Tianjin Sports Center, the main venue of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships, adopted the domestic full-color video led display for the first time. Important stadiums have successively adopted led display screens as the main means of information display.

2. New advertising media products
Commercial Advertising Need Outdoor Digital Signage

In addition to a single large-scale indoor and outdoor display screen as advertising media, clustered led display advertising systems have appeared in some domestic cities; the train led display advertising system has also been adopted and promoted on dozens of passenger trains across the country.

3, performances and gatherings
Rental LED Video Walls In Stage Concert Theatre

Large-scale display screens are increasingly used for live video broadcasts for public and political purposes, such as the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the US presidential election, the 850th anniversary celebration in Moscow, the NAGANNO Winter Olympics in Japan, the visit of the Pope in Poland, the Brazilian Carnival, and the World New millennium celebrations everywhere. In these festivals, large-scale display screens increase artistic influence and unite people while broadcasting advertisements and information.

4. Securities trading venues
Transport Visitors Have An Immersive Experience With LED Display Systems

The led display in this field accounted for more than 50% of the domestic demand for led display in the past few years, and it is still the main demand industry for led display. The Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and tens of thousands of securities and financial institutions across the country have widely used LED displays.

5. Airport flight status information display
 Transport Visitors Have An Immersive Experience With LED Display Systems

For the airport, the correct cleaning of the flight information is very important to the passengers. The led display can meet this requirement. Now many airports have adopted led display screens.

6. Exhibition and lease
LED Displays Technology For Exhibitions And  Trade Shows Worldwide

In many exhibitions, as one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers, large LED display screens provide paid services to exhibitors. There are also some large professional rental companies for large LED screens abroad, and some of them are larger in scale. The manufacturer provides rental services.

7, port and station passenger guidance information display

The information system with LED display as the main body, the broadcasting system, the train arrival and departure disclosure system, and the ticketing information system together constitute the automation system of the passenger transport hub, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Nanchang Railway Station, Dalian Port and other important domestic railway stations and ports Products and systems provided by domestic manufacturers are installed.

8. Road traffic information display

The rise of intelligent transportation systems, in urban traffic, highways and other fields, LED display screens are used as variable information boards, speed limit signs, etc. to replace similar foreign products and are widely used.

9, Dispatch command center information display

Electric power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height adjustment management, etc., are also gradually adopting high-density led display screens.

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