How much is a square for a church 4K HD LED display?

Oct 08,2021| LED Knowledge

We often ask customers how much the display screen is, but we don't know that LED display screens are not the same as traditional products, and cannot be measured by how much money like ordinary items. If you have the idea of ​​making an LED display, or you have already decided to make an LED display, but you don’t know what costs and equipment will be used, and you don’t know the main hardware for making a full-color led display. Materials, do not know the technical performance of the main reference for full-color LED display, consultation.

Customers who want to have a better understanding of the full-color LED display project can contact our professional sales manager by email, and let him make a detailed list of full-color LED display quotation schemes for you. It includes hardware material specifications, display performance technical parameters, auxiliary equipment cost list, various cost details, logistics and transportation, steel frame structure design, display installation and commissioning, manufacturer's after-sales service, payment methods and so on.
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Here is a brief introduction to the purchase strategy of LED display. In the final situation, it is still necessary to determine the size and requirements before you can get the correct answer:

1. Whether it is an indoor led display or an outdoor led display, the size must be determined:

Generally speaking, only need to provide the length and height of the led display screen, the factory sales staff can calculate the net screen size and the outsourcing size: for example, the customer says that I need to make a 5x3 meter high screen, then the sales staff will follow the customer’s For the required size, give a specific plan and price.

2. After determining the size of the led display, you can select the specific model:

Selection of specifications and models:

The selection of indoor LED full-color display specifications should not only focus on density and high definition. Fortunately, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual display needs of the display. It is recommended to comprehensively consider the production area, installation location, viewing distance and production cost of the display. Under normal circumstances, the entire screen of a display screen should have more than 50,000 pixels, so the display effect will be better. It is not recommended to use large-pitch specifications for small-area screens, but it does not matter if small-pitch specifications are used for large-area screens. For example, for a display screen of about 8 square meters, it is recommended to use P3 or P4 instead of P5 or P6; for a display screen of 20 square meters or more, you can choose P4, P5, P6, and if the production cost is sufficient, choosing P4 will of course display very clear results , It is more economical to choose P5 and above. The larger the dot spacing, the farther the viewing distance is relatively speaking.
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The following are some commonly used indoor full-color LED display specifications:

1. The pixel density of P2 display screen is 250,000 dots/square meter. The standard module size is 256mm*128mm. Its high-definition is naturally needless to say, but its production cost is higher. It is recommended that the production area of ​​the display screen should be more than 3 square meters.

2. The physical pixel density of the P2.5 LED display screen is 160,000 dots/square meter, and the standard size of the module is 160mm*160mm. The viewing distance of P2.5 color LED display is better than 2.5 meters. Our company's P2.5 color LED display adopts 1/32 constant current dynamic scanning mode, and the brightness can reach more than 1200cd/m2, which is enough to meet the needs of indoor brightness display. Clearly displayed. The best viewing distance is 2.5-30 meters.

3. The physical pixel density of P3led display is 111111 dots/square meter, and the standard size of our module is 192mm*192mm, which is commonly used as LED electronic display in indoor full-color display. The best viewing distance of the P3 indoor electronic screen is 3 meters or more, and the screen area is more than 6 square meters.

3. After determining the size and model, you can basically give an overall quotation plan.

4. Control system. Generally speaking, there are two main brands of indoor full-color LED display control system, Xi'an Nova, and Shenzhen Lingxingyu.

5. The supporting equipment mainly includes: a desktop computer with a vertical graphics card, video processor, lightning arrester, audio, power amplifier, power distribution cabinet and air conditioner.

6. Then there is the material and installation of the steel structure. Indoor LED displays are usually wall-mounted. There are two main installation methods for outdoor led display screens, one is to install on the wall, and the other is to install on a column. The prices and construction of the two are also slightly different. Regarding the cost of this part, the steel structure is quoted according to the size of the screen.

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