What should I pay attention to when building an indoor full-color LED display?

Oct 08,2021| LED Knowledge

When many users want to build an LED display indoor by themselves, but don’t know how to build it better, think about it, if the indoor full-color LED display is blown down in bad weather, this does not belong LED display manufacturers have product quality problems, so the costs in this area need to be borne by themselves, which is definitely not cost-effective for us.

In fact, how to correctly install indoor LED advertising screens is not only a matter of special concern to customers. For the technical construction personnel of LED display manufacturers, how to build and maintain indoor full-color LED displays can better achieve both parties. The cooperation is also something that LED display manufacturers need to consider. So what should I pay attention to when building an indoor full-color LED display? Let's take a look together.
building an indoor full-color LED display

1. Installation site survey

The first step to install an LED display is to make a field trip. If someone tells you that it must be okay without looking at the environment, then congratulations, you have been cheated. Before installing indoor LED advertising screens, you need to make a series of clear inspections for the installation environment, terrain, luminous radiation range, brightness acceptance, and so on. and also! In order to ensure the smooth installation of the indoor advertising screen, it is required to test the display before installation and lifting, to ensure that the external screen equipment in this community can be used normally and stably, and to avoid some useless actions.
building an indoor full-color LED display

2. Build an LED display

Before building an indoor LED billboard, we must first understand what kind of advertising screen it is, a hanging advertising screen, or a rooftop advertising screen. When installing on site, cranes and hoists should be used for lifting in sections according to their distance and height, while ensuring that the personnel on the ground cooperate with each other. There is an optimal installation and use process for the LED advertising screens for high-altitude operations. During the construction process, the work needs to be done meticulously, and don't be too impatient to avoid dislocation during installation.

3. The radiation range of the LED screen

After installation, we need to check the radiation range of the display. Because the radiation range of each LED indoor full-color LED display is different, the angle of the LED display will be different. Here we must install the indoor LED display screen with the usual viewing angle range according to the on-site acceptance of the display screen to ensure that the display screen displayed at each angle can have normal brightness and balance the image and subtitle information.
building an indoor full-color LED display

4, post-maintenance

The later maintenance work is also called after-sales service, and the important thing mentioned is the later inspection work. For example: LED display waterproof test, display heat dissipation layer function, LED display waterproof coating, rain display, heat dissipation function on both sides, whether the power supply is normal, etc. Such basic operations can constitute an overall stable indoor LED display. The next step is to conduct unified management and maintenance on the parts of the display. In case the product is rusty, unstable, or damaged, the LED display manufacturer must replace it in time to ensure the safety of the entire indoor LED display.

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