Looking at the development trend of LED display from the naked eye 3D technology

Oct 11,2021| LED Knowledge

As LED display screens have become more and more widely used in recent years, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for display technology. Now we no longer just meet the display requirements of the two-dimensional flat world, we hope to restore the 3D display information. Therefore, for the new type of LED display, the three-dimensional display application program has become a research hotspot and direction in recent years.

It is understood that most of the naked-eye 3D technology is currently in the research and development stage, and the research and development is divided into two directions, one is the research and development of hardware equipment, and the other is the research and development of display content processing. But in general, there are still few LED display manufacturers that can independently develop naked-eye 3D.

The most critical technical point of naked eye 3D on LED displays is the "multi-view" design. Why is it designed like this? We can imagine that if 3D information can only be displayed in a certain direction, then if we only stand on one side, people on the other side cannot see it, which naturally affects the viewing effect of the LED display.

What we need to do is to enable the audience to see the 3D effect no matter where they are standing. Now it is easy to achieve one, two, four or eight viewpoints, but to produce more viewpoints with different visions requires a certain technical content, so it is difficult to produce without a certain strength manufacturer.

With the overcoming of contemporary naked-eye 3D technology, the advent of 5G and other factors, more and more 3D naked-eye cases are displayed in front of us. With the advancement of software and hardware, the improvement of the level of material production has also played a major role. The production of the video is polished in accordance with the quality requirements. In addition, the artisticization of structural modeling makes it no longer limited to traditional flat screens, and has more room for imagination.

JYLED has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the development, production, and application of products. I believe that in the near future, more scientific and high-tech display screens will be displayed in front of us. Compared with other screens, 3D LED display pixels can emit light by themselves, have the characteristics of higher brightness, more vivid colors, higher contrast, ultra-light and thin, and have a natural and comfortable field of view and a wider viewing angle, which can be integrated into Creative display, creating a more realistic and shocking immersive experience scene, has a bright future in specific immersive venues such as VR, AR, and stage art.

In many places, we can always see some shocking effects brought to us by the naked-eye 3D LED display. The following are some related cases of the naked-eye 3D LED display:
naked eye 3D LED display

The blue water makes people feel like they are in the deep sea, bringing a strong visual impact

naked eye 3D LED display

A three-dimensional character model running in the glass showcase, the visual effect is very stunning

The elephant seems to come out of the LED display

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