What are the common scene applications of full-color high-definition LED display?

Oct 11,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development of LED display screens, product R&D, production, and sales models have undergone great changes, and companies have gradually shifted from single product sales to comprehensive solutions. With the development of major market segments, the impact of scene applications on LED display products is also increasing.

The definition of the scene application.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation: Scene application, the English name LiveApp, literally we can see that Live refers to alive, vivid, live, and full of vitality. We can understand it as an instant connection with life scenes. And the application program is the abbreviation of English Application (application program). The scene application (LiveApp), as the name implies, is a scene, interactive, and dynamic scene mobile application.
Outdoor LED display is showing the content of "Happy National Day"

According to this statement, any LED display that can be used to achieve interactive effects can be regarded as a scene application. In fact, scenario applications are nothing new, but few people in the industry specifically mention them. But in recent years, with the development of major market segments of LED display and the diversification of products, some specific scene applications have flourished, such as interactive floor tile screens widely used in the field of stage performance art.

There are many vivid examples of scene applications in the LED display industry. Among them, interactive displays are very common. In addition to interactive floor tile screens in the rental field, there are also man-machine interactive displays in the form of game entertainment in department stores and interactive display items such as window advertisements.

LED display screens can customize products according to different application places and launch different solutions to make the application of the scene more flexible and changeable. Different scenarios have different requirements for products.
p1.875 indoor full color LED display

However, some specific scenarios often promote the development of LED display products. A typical example is the scene application of LED transparent screen.

As we all know, the main market for LED transparent screens in the past is divided into two aspects: one is the indoor fixed application market dominated by glass curtain walls, and the other is the commercial field for stage performance art and commercial display windows. The application of LEDs in glass curtain walls and stage performance art venues can be said to be commonplace. However, last year, the application of LED transparent screens in specific scenes of large stadiums gave people a fresh feeling. Since then, a new chapter in the application of LED transparent screens has been opened, making the popularity of LED transparent screens suddenly risen.

In the eight minutes of Pyeongchang Beijing in 2018, the LED transparent screen combined with intelligent robots showed the amazing effect of the world in sports events, which amazed the industry. The application of this special scene undoubtedly has enlightening significance for the LED display scene.

With the maturity of various technologies of LED display screens, the adaptability of LED display screens to various scenes will become stronger and stronger. And with the development of various AI technologies, especially the development of emerging technologies such as AR/VR and face recognition, more scene applications will appear in the future. If the LED display can develop in harmony with it, the future opportunities will be limitless.

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