Why does LED flexible screen occupy a place in the market?

Oct 12,2021| LED Knowledge

LED Flexible display refers to the LED display that can be bent within a certain angle (0-120°), but will not be destroyed by itself. This is because its pcb circuit board is made of a unique flexible raw material. It is easy to break due to bending, and it is generally common in cylindrical LED displays and some special-shaped LED displays in large shopping malls.

With the rapid development trend of the LED display manufacturing industry, today's LED display production technology has been perfected, and the types of LED displays are emerging one after another. Common ones include transparent screens, floor tile screens, small-pitch screens, etc., but that's how Surrounded by many excellent products, the LED flexible display still breaks out a path of its own, which is closely related to its own advantages.
Flexible Soft LED Display Module

What are the advantages of flexible LED display

1). The flexible LED display screen is easy to bend, and can be installed in a variety of ways, such as vertical installation, suspension installation, in-line installation, ceiling installation, etc. It is limited by the installation area and has universal The main purpose is to complete the installation of various exquisite artistic and creative customized LED displays.

2). The flexible LED display has the effect of anti-blue light and protects the eyes, which can reasonably block the damage to the eyes from the harmful high-definition blue light, and prevent the long-term response to the display screen and cause visual fatigue. In the room, it is a large-scale shopping mall management center. Everyone will spend time and watch the content broadcasted by the display at close range. The anti-blue light effect can best reflect its irreplaceable effect.
cylindrical LED display case

3). Small bay type flexible LED display, the resolution interval is P1.667, P2, P2.5, which is more suitable for installation in the room, even if it is installed in an area close to everyone, it can display information with ultra-clear. Its refresh frequency is 3840Hz, and it has a higher screen resolution, the interface restoration is improved, the gray value is too smooth, and the lines are resolved clearly.

4). Low energy consumption, ultra-environmental protection and energy saving. The large functional loss of the flexible LED display is around 240W/m², and the average functional loss is around 85W/m², which greatly reduces the loss of power consumption and improves the utilization rate of power projects. Especially for the LED display screen, ultra-low energy consumption can save a lot of water and electricity expenses every year.

5). The main purpose is universal. Flexible LED display can be used as a basic LED display, can also be used in unique industries, and can also be used to make artistic creative special-shaped screens, columnar screens, spherical screens, curved screens, etc.

The widespread use of flexible LED displays is not only popular in the Chinese sales market, but also in foreign sales markets. Most of the LED columnar screens in major shopping malls and the special-shaped LED displays in leisure and entertainment clubs are all flexible LED displays.

Whether it is beautiful or flexible, it is very easy to consider everyone's aesthetics. , Can be used for decoration design, and can also be used for video advertising, cultural and artistic publicity planning, etc., which can achieve the practical effect of one screen.

Flexible LED display, in line with everyone's pursuit of perfect and humanized beauty, is a video display system integrated into the social development of social and economic development, whether it is now or in the future, there is a great development trend indoor space, in order to consider the increasingly prominent Personalized customization requirements.

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