What factors need to be considered when building a multi-functional living room and small-pitch meeting room LED display

Oct 12,2021| LED Knowledge

The small-pitch conference room LED display can be described as a hot product in the industry. Because of its ultra-high definition and very realistic visual effects, it is widely used in security monitoring, command centers, high-end conference rooms, high-end hotels and other scenes. So, what factors do we need to consider when building a small-pitch LED display screen in a multifunctional conference room? How to do the LED display in the conference room?

1. Comprehensive consideration of point spacing, size and resolution

Dot pitch, size and resolution are several important factors when people buy small-pitch LED displays in multifunctional conference rooms. Compared with the actual construction, it is not that the smaller the dot pitch and the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but the comprehensive consideration of factors such as the size of the screen and the application environment.

The smaller the dot pitch of the small-pitch LED display in the multifunctional conference room, the higher the resolution and the higher the price. When purchasing products, users should fully consider their own application environment and program budget to avoid the dilemma of spending a lot of money but failing to achieve the expected results, and may even fail to fit in the meeting room due to the wrong size.
small-pitch meeting room LED display

2. Fully consider the maintenance cost

When building LED large-screen products, industry users should consider not only procurement costs, but also high maintenance costs. In actual construction, the larger the screen size, the more complicated the maintenance process, and the maintenance cost will naturally increase accordingly. In addition, the power consumption of small spacing is not easy to be underestimated. Large-size and small-pitch LED displays generally have higher operating costs in the later stage. When building, it is necessary to ingeniously consider what method to use, which is more suitable for maintenance.

3, signal transmission compatibility is very important

The indoor signal access of the small-pitch LED display has the requirements of diversification, large number, scattered locations, multi-signal display on the same screen, and centralized management. In actual construction, the small-pitch LED display in the multifunctional conference room needs to be efficiently applied.

Transmission equipment must not be underestimated. In the LED display market, not all small-pitch LED displays can meet the above requirements. When purchasing products, do not pay attention to the resolution of the product one-sidedly, and fully consider whether the existing signal equipment supports the corresponding video signal. 
small-pitch meeting room LED display

The small-pitch LED display attracts users with its ultra-high-definition display pictures and delicate display effects. The small-pitch LED display adopts a new manufacturing process, which completely overcomes the difficulty of traditional SMD small-pitch can not be customer service, and breaks through the bottleneck of LED display manufacturers' moisture-proof, dust-proof and impact-proof. Small-pitch maintenance is simple, without any tools, supports module, power supply front maintenance, fast speed, and low cost. 160°large viewing angle, 16bits high grayscale, indoor highlight display, fantastic picture display effect, vivid and gorgeous picture. In the process of purchasing, customers must consider their own application requirements comprehensively, and it is good to achieve the ideal use effect.

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