What are the characteristics of a removable LED display?

Oct 13,2021| LED Knowledge

Under normal circumstances, the LED display screens we see are all fixed and rarely change their positions after installation. Commonly used are double-post outdoor LED displays, embedded LED displays, LED floor tiles, and so on. But there are also some LED displays that cannot be fixed all the time because they need to be changed frequently. This has another form of LED display, such as LED stage rental display, bus LED display, caravan LED display Screen and so on.

LED stage rental screens are mainly used for lease to project contractors, such as stage performances, event performances, touring performances, etc.; bus LED displays are mainly used to display bus models and safety distance reminders; caravan LED displays are mainly used for Mobile publicity, temporary performance projects, etc. The characteristics of this type of LED display are that it needs to be moved frequently to meet the requirements of different customers, different projects or different venues.

So, for these movable LED displays, what characteristics should they have?

1). For LED display screens that need to be moved frequently, a single box should not be too heavy. This is mainly to facilitate the splicing, handling, disassembly and other operations of the box. If the box is too heavy, it will be slow to move and disassemble, which will affect the overall efficiency.
LED stage rental display

2). The waterproof and dustproof rating is at least IP65 or higher. This is mainly because many performances are done outdoors, and rain and dust are inevitable outdoors. The protection level above IP65 can prevent rain or dust from entering the display. Go inside the screen, thus effectively protecting the LED display.

3). The power supply box of the display should be easily disassembled, and the power supply should be easy to replace. Because the LED display screens that are frequently disassembled, installed, and debugged have a certain loss of power, relatively speaking, the failure rate of the power supply will be higher than that of other components. The structure of the power supply box is easy to replace, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the entire display screen. Long-term stable operation.
LED stage rental display

4). The power supply of the display screen needs to have the function of power supply current sharing and backup. Current sharing backup mainly refers to that when one or several power supplies in a large screen fails, the nearby power supplies will automatically power the display, so that the entire LED display will not be damaged by certain power supplies. And a black screen. This function is extremely important for the LED display screens of digital stage beauty rental, because the LED display screen used for the background performance on the stage, if a black screen occurs due to a power failure, it will affect the effect of the entire program and bring trouble to the audience. A good experience leaves a bad impression, and the current sharing and backup function of the power supply solves this problem well.

As people's requirements for stage performances are getting higher and higher, and there are more and more types of various art performances, the market demand for movable LED displays is also increasing. Therefore, when choosing a movable LED display, you need to consider the characteristics of the LED display mentioned above.

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