Why is customized LED display more popular with customers?

Oct 14,2021| LED Knowledge

In recent years, the competition in the LED display market has become increasingly fierce, and the market has been continuously subdivided. Although the conventional LED display is widely used, it cannot meet the requirements for some places where corners or turns are needed, and for the display of some personalized shapes.

It is for this reason that LED display products are transformed from conventional to diversified and personalized. In order to stand out from the competition and win more market share, many manufacturers of display screens have begun to launch some customized and personalized products and services. And solutions to better meet different application scenarios.

This kind of "customized" production can design and produce personalized products and services, or even solutions, according to the specific needs of customers, which can not only improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also greatly improve products. And the degree of brand differentiation brings a series of competitive advantages to enterprises. At the same time, the "customization" development path is of great help in enhancing the product innovation capabilities, solution solutions and communication capabilities of screen companies.
Rotatable Rubik's Cube LED display

Led display production mode: standardized PK customization

Customization has many advantages, but it also has its disadvantages. Generally speaking, "customization" can often bring higher profits to screen companies due to its original characteristics, but often high profits also mean high investment. The requirements for products or projects are generally higher than those of standardized technology. Service costs are also relatively high.

However, it is certain that customization will be used more and more in the future. The advantage of customization is that LED manufacturers can provide a full range of services according to customer needs, including professional opinions based on various aspects of the customer’s conditions, and can also meet customers’ personalized service needs, and tailor products to customers’ satisfaction. , To satisfy customers' pursuit of unique preferences. From these aspects, LED customization must have a certain market space.
Stage polygon spliced ​​LED display

For enterprises, the development of "customization" provides an opportunity for enterprises, but to gain a competitive advantage in the development of "customization", they should focus on improving their core competitiveness, which has its reference significance in the development of any industry. . The same is true for the development of "customization" of LED screen companies. LED companies must have their own core competitiveness, and continue to expand their advantages in this regard, and strive to be the "first" in the application of subdivided products. Such as small spacing (solutions), transparent screens (solutions), creative LED projects (solutions), etc., so that we can take the first step towards excellence.

In addition, in addition to enhancing the "core competitiveness", companies must also innovate products from the perspective of users, tap and understand the needs of the market, in order to gain a firm foothold in the market.


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