Why has COB packaged LED displays become more and more popular in recent years?

Oct 15,2021| LED Knowledge

Led display screens can be said to be a very common display product in our lives, ranging from outdoor advertising screens to conference video display terminals. LED displays have penetrated into all aspects of our lives. Looking back at the development of the LED display industry, it is not difficult to find that the LED display industry has poured in a lot of fresh blood, such as the rapid development of small-pitch LEDs and the "ice screen" in the "Beijing 8 Minutes" of the Winter Olympics. Inject new life into the industry.

Judging from the various signs currently available, 2018 is likely to be the year of the take-off of COB packaging. The stable development of COB technology will also inject new vitality into the small-pitch LED that has entered the bottleneck of innovation, as the industry said: "COB plays the role of a technology leader in the fast-growing field of LED fine-pitch high-definition displays, and is very helpful to promote the upgrading of LED industry products.

The reason why COB packaging technology can achieve a major market breakthrough in the 2018 stall depends on the promotion of many factors in addition to the previous long technical accumulation.
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Technology and market demand

It proves that "the future of small-pitch is COB". With the stable and mature technology, COB small-pitch LEDs can bring a refreshing feeling to users, breaking through the previous competition on "smaller and smaller pitches". COB It has also become the best way to solve many small-pitch "stubborn diseases", such as outdoor small-pitch packaging and the inherent "graininess" of LED technology and other "bugs."

On the other hand, the end market's demand for higher-definition small-pitch LEDs is also promoting the development of COB technology. At the same time, for the entire LED display industry, different spacings will no longer be the only standard for dividing LED display products in the future, and different packaging technologies have become another key factor in distinguishing and choosing products.

Enterprise innovation

In fact, many screen companies in the industry have long thrown away the "olive branch" of COB. Starting from the second half of last year, companies in the industry, such as Lehman, Changchun Cida, Vitron, and Wei Qiaoshun, have accelerated their deployment in COB technology, products and markets. With Lehman as the representative, it has actively explored COB technology innovation since 2014. Since 2017, it has also deployed related technology patents to product innovation (third-generation COB panels) and other comprehensive layouts, which are the COB market. Ignite and lay a solid foundation.
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Industry chain driven

In addition to the company's own predictions on the market prospects, the development of COB packaging has also benefited from the promotion of the entire industry chain: as we all know, domestic LED packaging and testing companies have entered a large-scale expansion cycle since the second half of 2015, and a considerable part of them are new The increase in production capacity is arranged on the COB packaging technology. This is not only because of the accelerated development of COBLED display applications, including lighting applications and TV backlight applications, but also have entered the COB chip-scale packaging era. Therefore, the entire LED industry chain from upstream wafers, midstream packaging to downstream applications , And peripheral equipment and material manufacturers are supporting the development of COB products.

Policy guidance

Not only that, in terms of national policies, COB technology also accounts for the “time”. In September 2017, a message came from the Ministry of Science and Technology: COB, as the future development direction of small-pitch LEDs, won the national "Thirteenth Five-Year" key scientific research project— -Strategic advanced electronic materials? New display project funding, the main task is to break through the shortcomings and limitations of traditional small-pitch LED display technology.

2017 is the year when COB small-pitch LED products are transformed from concepts to products and engineering applications. In 2018, from the previous international ISE exhibition and Guangzhou ISLE exhibition, more and more screen companies Spontaneously participating in the "camp" of COB packaging, the market is also showing a pattern of rapid growth (although the overall scale is still limited). The joining of industry giants such as Samsung, Daktronics, and Absen (COBALT technology) has given the COB packaging market confidence to move forward. In 2018, the number of packaging technology should look at COB!

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