In what fields can LED displays be used?

Apr 02,2021| LED Knowledge

  With small spacing LED display the future prices fall further, applications will be further expansion, the future will be fully into the media advertising theaters and other business applications, in recent years by the LED display manufacturer income industry classification, income from the industry and commerce enterprise size and growth rate are higher, as the product cost down, for customers also began to gradually accept a higher price sensitivity small spacing LED products, the future market space is very wide in the field of commercial.

  At present, LED display screen is mainly used in advertising media, sports venues, stage background, municipal engineering, etc., and small-spacing LED display screen is also constantly exploring more markets such as transportation, broadcasting and military.

P2.5 INDOOR LED DISPLAY Application field

  What other industries can LED display be applied to?

  1. Advertising media: the advertising media LED large screen display area, visual effects, can attract audience's attention, and is not a simple outdoor media, its features and advantages of both television and other media at the same time, also has a larger creative space and to communicate with consumers wider stereo space, can meet the personalized requirements, with the spread of the digital age In addition to its unique form of expression, full-color LED display in the rapid development of outdoor advertising media field has also benefited from the characteristics of outdoor media audience The networked media factors such as the cost of running and advertising;

  First of all, outdoor LED display media affects the mainstream population of the city. The audience of traditional media is relatively popular and aging. The differences and advantages of the audience have boosted the development of outdoor LED display market.

  Secondly, the outdoor LED display realizes the networked media operation, which is easy to realize the centralized delivery of brand advertising.

  Compared with traditional media, outdoor LED display new media has low advertising cost and high effective arrival rate, which attracts more advertising investment.

P2.5 INDOOR LED DISPLAY Application field

  2. Sports venues: LED display is very important in the field of sports venues, can provide real-time and good for the game screen playback enables the audience to better appreciate the game, at the same time can also provide help the referee made the correct video replay sanction, reduce unnecessary disputes, ensure that the result of the game more fair and just, also can be used for athletes to introduce the result of the match information display and broadcast of commercial advertising, function is very wide, whether the World Cup, a variety of events activities involve the application of full-color LED display, full color LED display has become a basketball stadium including football field.

  With the development of the sports industry, the demand for the necessary facilities in various modern sports venues, such as track and field, is still increasing.

  3. Stage background: the stage show the party in a variety of styles, full color LED display has become a foil show atmosphere, the tools of show better stage effect On the one hand, the LED display can be carried out on the live event live and playback, makes the distance of the audience can also enjoy performances, clearly is more important is can use the LED display show stage effects, to expand the performance space, foil stage atmosphere, deeper into the theme of each program style, this is very important in the big stage performances such as gala concert.

  4. Municipal engineering: by setting LED screens in busy streets, intersections, large commercial centers, subways, highways and other areas with large human flow and important municipal places, municipal departments can timely release information and publicize.

  5. The military field:the development of the military information construction makes the information has become a new growth point of the army battle effectiveness, effective command and control has become the key to winning army Therefore, command organs at all levels comply with the trend, in the aspect of information construction continue to intensify efforts to, greatly promoted the development of the military command informatization, military construction in the future will also increasingly combined with modern means of information, and the LED display shows that technological innovation is for army informatization construction has injected fresh blood.At the same time, military applications have high requirements for display quality, while relatively insensitive to price, so small-spacing LED display technology will be more and more used in the military field.

  The above fields of LED display is constantly expanding the scope of application, in the near future, the application of LED display will be more broad.

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