Can I buy high quality LED screen with small spacing in Hong Kong?

Apr 25,2021| LED Knowledge

Small-spacing LED screens are mainly used in commercial fields, such as corporate meeting rooms, chairman's office, network video conferencing, information presentation needs of schools and educational institutions. Small-spacing LED screens attract wide audiences with their features of high brightness, non-patchwork, lightweight and flexible installation, small space occupancy and so on.

Small spacing LED display screen is a general term for a whole set of high-end systems, which is equivalent to the summary of the advanced commercial level, including the LED display system, high-definition display control system and cooling system, etc., in the production process is also very strict requirements

high quality LED screen

As one of the world's financial centers, Hong Kong has not only gathered a large amount of local funds, but also attracted funds from various countries, so it has a strong capital background.

Moreover, Shenzhen, which has the advantage of geographical location, has become the first stop for Hong Kong funds to transfer to the mainland. The industry, including small-spacing LED display screen, has the opportunity to get the assistance of more abundant funds.

(Application of LED Display with Small Spacing)

high quality LED screen

Advantages of small pitch LED displays:

1.Seamless splicing, splicing display technology in the maximum to meet customer needs is always can't avoid the influence of the physical frame, even if the narrow side DID professional LCD screen, still have very obvious spelling juncture, only small spacing after mosaics of LED display to make the seam to fulfill the requirements of seamless, high density LED seamless splicing small spacing to highlight.

2.High brightness intelligent adjustable: LED display with small spacing has high brightness. In order to satisfy the viewer's comfortable viewing effect in strong light environment and dark light environment and avoid visual fatigue, brightness adjustment can be carried out with the light sensing system.

3. Better color performance with high gray level: even if the gray level of the display is almost perfect under low brightness, the level sense and brightness of the display are higher than that of the traditional display, and the image can be displayed with more details without information loss.

4.High contrast faster response speed high refresh frequency: the electron beam on the screen image repeated scanning times, the higher the scanning times, the higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of the displayed image (picture) the lower the refresh frequency, the more severe the image flicker and jitter, the faster the eye fatigue;Under high refresh, the LED screen with small spacing can take in stable picture, without corrugated black screen, clear image edge, and accurately restore the real information of the image.

5. Color restoration and naturalization: using the internationally leading point-by-point correction technology and the LED luminescence principle, the color authenticity is completely retained, and the color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as backlight projection material light running path are avoided, so as to realize the true sense of color reproduction.

6. Multidimensional visual experience: when customers choose 3D broadcast mode, splicing wall will present shocking high-definition images, whether live TV exhibition display, or digital advertising, can be incisively and vividly interpretation of wonderful vision, so that the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience.

Today, because Hong Kong small spacing LED display industry, but as the world's third largest financial center, and shopping heaven, Hong Kong's outdoor advertising numerous, impressive At the same time, along with the rise of digital advertising, traditional advertising is gradually replaced by small spacing LED display and other dynamic advertising, has made Hong Kong a growing demand for small spacing LED display.

In addition, as a free trade harbor of the world, Hong Kong's export tax rate is lower than that of the mainland, and the maritime transportation industry is more prosperous. Therefore, from another perspective, Hong Kong is also an important transit station for the overseas export of the mainland's LED panel enterprises

Under the new enterprise development mode of "Hong Kong + Shenzhen +N", our company has reached a cooperation agreement with small-spacing LED display manufacturers in Hong Kong for common development. Therefore, it is also a wise choice to purchase small-spacing LED display screens in Hong Kong.

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