Can I use P3.91 indoor full color LED screen at home?

Jul 19,2021| LED Knowledge

P3.91 full-color led display standard size: 500*500mm, modular design, DIY free splicing. Beautiful, light, green and energy-saving, it will not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, and has a good heat dissipation effect. P3.91 full-color led display is a new type of transparent display product created using human vision principles. The structure of the light bar is similar to blinds, and the light beads are evenly distributed on the light bar in a dot matrix to achieve a transparent display effect.

P3.91 full-color led display can be used both outdoors and indoors, without changing the building space and appearance. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness, and colorful colors. Generally, it adopts modular design, which can be assembled into a giant screen by DIY, with or without frame design, can be assembled in special shapes, and can also be curved to show a perfect transparent display effect.

When the P3.91 full-color led display is used indoors, such as at home, what should be paid attention to? What are the requirements?Let's understand it together.

Appearance requirements:

1. The appearance of the profile is bright and intact without scratches; the lamp beads are evenly distributed, and there is no shaking or falling off when assembled.

2. The structural dimension error is not more than ±1mm.

P3.91 Use of full-color led display in large-scale family gatherings

Test environment and basic parameters:

1. Working environment temperature: -15℃~45℃

2. Environmental relative humidity: L 90%RH

3. Working voltage: 220±5% / 110±5%

4. Working current: DC5V

Image technical requirements:

1. Bright colors, real pictures, clear and natural, high color reproduction.

2. The maximum resolution of video analysis: 1920x1080.

3. The brightness of each lamp bead is even, no dead lights or bumps.

4. The image is clear and smooth, with distinct levels, stable image quality, and no flicker.

P3.91 Use of full-color led display is used in the broadcast of home TV programs.

Aging requirements:

1. Red, green, and blue solid color detection, no color cast, no flicker.

2. The normal video playback is not less than 48 hours, and there is no bad phenomenon.

Testing Equipment:

Standard color card, gray comprehensive test chart, digital multimeter with accuracy of ±0.5%, vernier caliper with accuracy of ±0.02mm, inspection tooling, high and low temperature humidity test chamber, light brightness detector.

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