Can indoor LED displays be installed outdoors?

Jun 18,2021| LED Knowledge

In order to save costs, some customers asked an interesting question to the Shenzhen JYLED manufacturer:

Can indoor LED displays be installed outdoors?

Buy an indoor led screen, but install it outdoors to replace the outdoor led screen. It sounds like it is feasible. Many friends have heard this and expressed their understanding, but is this method really feasible? Can indoor led screens? Is it installed for outdoor use?

Shenzhen LED electronic display manufacturers are here to tell you: This is not possible, don't try it lightly. So what is the reason? Let's analyze it.
P2.5 indoor small spacing LED display

1. Brightness. The brightness required for indoor and outdoor LED screens is inconsistent. The brightness requirements for indoor LED screens are not as high as outdoor ones. There will be a certain gap in the hardware used in the production between the two;

2. Distance. Indoor led screens are generally viewed at close range, and the area does not need to be too large. The points used are generally P1.25\P2 LED displays with more precise points, but most of the outdoor ones are for viewing from a longer distance, so they usually use it. P4\P5\P6 LED display screen is like this, which is different in area from indoor ones;

3. Waterproof. Indoor LED screens are not mandatory to have a waterproof structure. Some manufacturers just make simple waterproof structures. However, outdoor screens have higher requirements for waterproof and lightning protection, because working outdoors will often encounter thunderstorms and rain. Snow and other weather; so indoor LED display used outdoors, it is very likely that the circuit board will be burned out due to rain erosion.

The above is the reason why indoor LED screens can't be used outdoors. Because the objects are different, the hardware choices such as materials and accessories are also different during manufacturing.

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