What do you know about the packaging of outdoor LED displays?

Mar 31,2021| LED Knowledge

  In the outdoor LED display production process, packaging is a fairly important link Today, there are two types of outdoor LED display packaging: DIP SMD we know outdoor LED display is the role of packaging outer lead electrode connected to the LED display chip Packaging can protect the LED chip, also can have the effect of improve the luminous efficiency, good packaging can make the LED display screen has better and thermal environment, luminous efficiency so as to improve the service life of outdoor LED display Below will detailed introduce you to the outdoor LED display way of packaging.

Encapsulation of outdoor LED display

  1. DIP encapsulation

  DIP Package, short for Dual Inline-Pin Package,commonly known as direct plug-in lamp LED display LED lamp bead is made up of LED lamp bead packaging manufacturers, again by the LED module and insert it into the LED display manufacturer of LED lamp of PCB board, after wave soldering produce DIP half outdoor LED unit board and waterproof outdoor LED unit board Early is plug the light of red, green and blue three colors on the PCB of a pixel RGB, late have RGB three chip packages can be inside a lamp bead, namely the triad outdoor full-color LED display, which improves the production efficiency and production costs relatively.

  However, both single lamp RGB and three-in-one RGB have point spacing limited by the diameter of the lamp bead. At present, it can only achieve P6, which is difficult to achieve higher density outdoor display with good protection performance. However, the Angle of view is not accurate to fix, generally between 100-110, so it is suitable for outdoor display with large spacing.

  DIP display now, production organization is more complex, not easy to implement mechanization production, production efficiency under the display quality under the control of the lamp bead quality of lamp bead assembly house, each batch is bad control, so the quality is bad stability control Another DIP manufacturer is numerous, no threshold of high technology and equipment, competition is intense, many manufacturers use inferior materials and PCB, reduce cost to gain market share, quality is low, almost no perfect after-sale guarantee.

  DIP products from the appearance of the relatively rough, the perspective is only 100-110 degrees, the quality is not high, high energy consumption, not environmental protection, low price, currently in the outdoor P8-P20 market can also occupy a strong market share.

Encapsulation of outdoor LED display

  2. SMD packaging mode

  The abbreviation of SMD package, is a Surface Mounted Devices, it is SMT (Surface Mount Technology) one of the components In the early stages of the electronic circuit board production and through hole assembly completely by artificial to complete The first automation machine after launch, they can be placed some simple pin components, but complex components still need to manually placed before wave soldering SMT components was introduced in about 20 years ago, and opened a new era

  From passive components to active components and integrated circuits, eventually they all become surface mount devices (SMDs) that can be assembled by picking and putting devices and for a long time it was thought that all pin components could eventually be packaged in SMDs and SMD technology is widely used in LED displays.

  Triad is a kind of LED display SMD technology, refers to the RGB three different colors of LED chips encapsulation SMT light according to certain spacing encapsulated within the same gel used triad SMD technology of full color LED display screen the whole perspective relative DIP is larger, and the surface can do light diffuse process, it is concluded that the effect is not good granule and uniform color In terms of color triad full-color spectral color separation with three spell one easy, and high color saturation Triad is to use the whole face to shine, so the color of the triad overall more evenly Triad are more easy to control the overall smoothness.It has been the standard technology for high-definition LED displays.

  Early stage of development, because of the complex manufacturing process, maintenance difficulties, lead to very costly, commonly used in high-end LED display products In recent years due to the rapid development of the triad technology and the continuous improvement of production technology, extensive use of automatic equipment, SMD development rapidly, a lot of cost reduction, is the mainstream of the indoor full-color display products And has begun to outdoor display market penetration.

  The above is the detailed packaging method of outdoor LED display, as well as the development of outdoor LED display in recent years, if you can help you will be very happy.

  Thank you for your watching!

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