Five requirements for popular LED displays

Oct 11,2021| LED Knowledge

As a popular large-screen display product, led display is widely used in monitoring centers, conference rooms, exhibition halls, business halls, shopping malls, hotels, brand stores and other occasions. At the same time, there are more and more LED display manufacturers. According to relevant statistics, there are hundreds of LED display manufacturers in China, and there is no standard ranking, which leads to many customers not knowing how to choose. Here, I have jointly summarized the five major requirements of professional led display manufacturers over the years, hoping to be helpful to everyone's choice.

1. Industry experience is the length of time in the industry. Generally, the longer the operation time, the higher the market recognition and the richer the industry experience, which is a good guarantee for product quality and technical services. So when choosing LED display manufacturers, try to choose manufacturers with longer operating hours.

2. Professional technical force The led display screen is composed of multiple splicing units, which need to be fixed on the bracket, and various signal sources need to be transmitted. This requires professional technical personnel to install and debug, plus the preliminary on-site measurement and plan design. , Which requires a complete solution. Therefore, for a led display project, each link requires the participation of the technical staff of the led display manufacturer to help customers complete each process.

Therefore, LED display manufacturers must not only have a professional technical team, but also have enough industry work experience to be able to handle various complex scenes. The technical requirements include weak current knowledge, monitoring knowledge, computer knowledge, and so on. In this regard, professional led display manufacturers will provide technical door-to-door services, from the pre-design to the post-installation will provide a one-stop service to solve all aspects of the problem. Moreover, some small manufacturers often do not have these services, or the services are not professional, and even only provide installation without follow-up services.

3. The ability of system solution software technology can distinguish whether a LED display manufacturer is professional or not. If there are some different solutions for the field of personalization, if the hardware is similar, it depends on the R&D capabilities of the software, such as large-resolution display solutions, non-deformation solutions, distributed system solutions, 0mm seamless Splicing screen solutions, etc. , These all require the support of software development capabilities.

4. Enterprise qualification certificate Professional led display manufacturers need to obtain the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer, such as CCC certification, ISO three-system quality management system certification, AAA credit rating certificate, high-tech enterprise, etc. Various products produced need to provide relevant inspections. For example, whether it has obtained energy-saving product certification, environmental protection product certification, product inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security (standards for various parameters), seismic inspection, dust-proof inspection, etc.

Under normal circumstances, professional led display manufacturers have obtained weight-related certifications. The above are common and important types in the industry. Choose a led display manufacturer with a complete qualification certificate to ensure the qualification of the product to a certain extent.

5. After-sales service capability and after-sales service is one of the criteria for judging the strength of LED display manufacturers. Professional LED display manufacturers generally provide high-quality after-sales service, not only providing access services during the quality assurance period, but also when encountering problems outside the quality assurance period Contact the manufacturer to access the service

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